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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Elements First Look

Last night saw a very good turn out at Pier 1 for Elements launch of their Carnival 2009 presentation "Casino Royale". Media were invited to a special pre launch presentation where it was revealed that the website is due to be fully up and running on Sunday 10th of August and registration due to start on Friday the 15th. It was intimated that committee members are already in possession of their registration cards and are pre-registering friends and family, all in keeping with the whole vibe of "having fun with friends"!

Eleven sections were shown last night, both frontline and backline costumes, with the section Showgirls being available upon request.

Normally I would launch a full scale costume review, but this time around I am doing something different! I want YOU readers to do the first review of the costumes; you can choose to review all of them or just one. What I ask is that you give your honest, frank opinions without any personal attacks; this is not the forum to grind your axe! Just leave your review as a comment, I am counting on you to give lots of feedback! I figure it is about time we hear what other people think about the costumes before I impose my opinions on you all.

Later on I will post your reviews as well as give you my take on the costumes; here are the costumes in this album.


-:¦:-•:*''''*:•.-:¦:-•* cb *•-:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:- said...

Glad there's no blue monokini making an appearance in this band.

But, where some of the costumes are too simple and missing ... something, some others are nice and quite cute. Not sure of the dudes' costumes, tho'.

Good luck Elements.

Sasha W said...

the only one I like is Bellagio. I can see they really tried to get it right with the theme (e.g. Roulette, Dealers)

Anonymous said...

I'll give them 10 points for sticking to a theme. BUT i think with a name like casino royale, the head pieces need to be a lot more "royale". Love the colour combo of Sahara.

Trinibears said...

Well I will Comment On the Dudes Costumes Seeing im a DuDe :P...

1st off ...Ive seen that "Dealers" Costume Before, Last year of Poison there was a Section with it in blue..and Im i mistaken Or is that a Real Dress shirt they Butchered and made chest collar thingy?..

Anything With a Tie thumbs down for Effort..

Anything With a Hat Thumbs Down For Effort..

Cabaret Have BOTH..NEGATIVE...I Could Recreate THAT COSTUME, With Les than 150 Between Francis Fashion sale and Samaroos..

Lady luck, Trying to Pull off a Horseshoe design, Try again Im not feeling it

Queen of hearts and Sahara should Be sent to "bermudez" for Production, They Are VERY COOKIE CUTTER...

Treasure Island Vest Looks interesting, IT actually Have Sewing Involved :)..and Look A feather in de headpiece Omg..they went all out..NOT! this is my 2nd Choice if was playing In Elements.

Bellagio, Nice Vest With Straps Looks Oversized though.Cant see headpiece..Love the Colour.1st choice

Mirage, Has a Great Bronzed Color more could have been done, IF I WAS TO CHOOSE A costume Based On FEMALE Costume THis Would Be it..THe Female Costume ON!

Roulette, Kinda Blocky not very creative, But Have a Swis Headpiece Cool.. But then again..

And Finally Ceaser palace.. A TOGA WTF...Not an Ounce of Creativity in that one..At least oh Gorm... do Somthing Creative Nah..

All and all I Would not be Dropping more than 1700 On any Costume In this Band. IF I WAS PLAYING....(ha ha Me aint dat shameless and Desperate)

Non of the Male costumes Gave me a "WOW I want that" Feeling...and

Most Of the Female costumes Didn't make Me say Wow Those Costumes Next To me Look Hot..But I cyar be reviewing No female Costume..

Casino Royale i think Is a Real HARD THEME..Yuh Have to Be Really Creative For Hard Theme..Nice Try Though Maybe Next Time It will Be better..

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "Most Of the Female costumes Didn't make Me say Wow Those Costumes Next To me Look Hot"

That comment kinda makes any other review seem pointless!!

Allyuh real jokey yes!!

miriam said...

Haha, haha,haha,haha,haha. Ok.... Now Seriously, I thought I was looking at a performance from the Muppet Show.. These costumes are a disaster. Not one of them tickled my fancy.. UGLY, Elements ain't got no Alibi... They're ugly...

Carnival Diva said...

Boas are sooo overdone! Jeeze...but you know what, these costumes will appeal to people for sure! Have fun!!

Observer said...

OMG.....?????......Like they came out to give stiff competition to.....Evolution??? my view they are alll OGGGGGLEEEEEEE!!!!!....except possibly for the light blue which could pass with a push. People doh beat down on me, is just my opinion

Michaela said...

At first glance I am not floored.

My favorites are:

Treasure Island - I like the use of coins but it is wicked skimpy.

Ceasar's Palace - I like the bra (minus the bra strap. I think the headpiece does not go with the toga bra though. I simpler headpiece would look better. Perhaps a crown or a headband?

Jubilee - I like the fact that the bra now has sequins on it and I like the colours.

Belagio frontline - I like the costume. I find the headpiece is quite nice.

The rest of them really did not do anything for me. The Dealers is not nice at all but I like the female headpiece. Some of the costumes border on very unattractive.

SeawitchSapo said...

First impressions: Quite disapointing. Nothing wowed me. I'm comparing this to Spice which wowed me quite a bit. Even Tribe front line costumes wowed me.(and Im anti-Tribe) And their kiskadee, hummingbird, Night Owl and Green Honeycreeper backline. Harts I'm sure will wow me, they always come good.(can u tell I'm pro Harts lol)

ANYWAY... this is on second look:


Not a pretty orange and no imagination. Yuck. The bikini has nothing going on. It's all about the boas. I don't want no boa pressing me down all day.

Lady Luck: Lovely shade of purple, very simple costume. Doesn't wow me, but it's pretty.

Treasure Island: Usually I like gold costumes but this one is a little too gold and doesn't have a big enough headpiece.

Cabaret: I like the headpiece but I don't like the belt and I find the male costume strange.

Sahara: I love the belt, love the backline headpiece, love the bra, the front line is nice but it's TOO SIMPLE... what is wrong with Elements they get a nice theme like a Casino and making it simple??? arrrrgghhhh...

Ceasar's Palace: This costume is pretty, but I don't think I would play with this comparing it to Spice white section which is far superior. I like the bra on this though.

Queen of Hearts: unrelieved red, and that ruffle thing kinda weirding me out. I like the belt though, when you wining hard it go feel nice lol. Come to think about it this is a pretty costume but again comparing it to Scotch Bonnet I would rather spend my money there.

Dealers: Well I don't like black for Carnival, but I had heard so much bad talk about this section b4 the launch and actually I think it's one of the cuter ones. The headpiece is very nice and I the overall effect. I think it's cute but I wouldn't play in it.

Mirage: backline kinda fugly but I real like the FL. It kinda cool even though it has a lot going on.

Roulette: FL REAL FUGLY. I feel if you r of the thicker persuasion such as myself, this go make yuh look like a heifer. The backline nice though it is interesting.

Jubilee: If I had to play with Elements I would play in Jubilee except I not digging the undecorated bra. But I think this is a pretty costume, which would look nice in the hot sun, and even though that tail thing will repel wine, who cares, for me Carnival is parading myself...:)

Bellagio: I like this costume, if the rest were nicer I woulda real be impressed. However I played in blue already. But this is a pretty costume.

I am very disappointed since I promised my friends I wouldn't whine and nag for Harts AGAIN this year, and Elements seemed like a good compromise. *sigh*

Carnival Diva said...

let's see what their prices are like. i don't have any favs, nothing jumped out at me. did i see lace on a costume?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Suacy

Forget the 'What band are you playing' with poll ...

you need a 'What band has the best AND worst costumes so far poll'. !!

quiksilver said...

they're not as bad as i thought they'd look.

quiksilver said...

ok so 10 sections are all incusive and cabaret is not.

Trinibears said...

I didnt Say the Female Costumes Ugly eh All yuh... Because ah Dont think they are UGGG.. THe Just didnt Get Meh Tuh Say ..OOOOOoo and Ahhhhhh...
Actually some of them Could Pass If yuh Squint a lilbit and have 2 drink. But Most of them Mediocre At or 2 On Like Boil Corn... But Is still not enough For meh tuh WANT to Play with the Band.

SeawitchSapo said...

Just saw the costumes close up and they are actually growing on me, some are quite nice!! Treasure Island looks realy good now...

FAB said...

Honest opinion and this is not bashing Elements....

1) With all the hype promoted from the get-go, these costumes are not representing at all.
2) You opened the gates before you were ready- you are not showing your passion for carnival or the talents you brought with you - again another band just in it because.....
3) Did you even research your theme Casino Royale?? -- one look at Las Vegas showgirls and you would have gotten a world of ideas and sexier costumes that represents your theme.
4) Every costume looks like an after thought and rushed -- not one costumes looks like you are ready for our greatest show on earth - and this goes for a lot of other bands out there with a few exceptions. Please if you are brining a band, bring a band because you love your country and what carnvial represents, yes I know its also a business I have no problem with that but like all business it has to be a product that the consumers want.
5) I am very disappointed on what I see here. Where is the wealth of experience, knowledge and talent that you spoke about?????
6) Again I would have waited and come better than the rest; if this was indeed your agenda.

I was one willing to give Elements a try but not with what I see here. This is why I will remain a Tribe, because I know what they give they make the effort to please their masqueraders -- yes sometimes their costumes may be lacking in design but you cannot ignore the fact that they take customer service very serious and I know come Mon & Tue I will enjoy my road experience. I dont care how crowded the band can make a space for yourself and enjoy no matter what, I know because thats what I did this year. I don't care if they pre-register is their band their rights if I had a band I will do the same.

And if every new band will stop making promises that they will be better than the rest -- STOP -- DON'T--concentrate on brining quality costumes, & get organzied. Don't make promises you cannot live-up to. And this goes for all bands new and old!

dougla_1 said...

Best section (BOTH female and male-sans headpiece and knee/shin piece, and do keep the boardshorts): Bellagio.

Best costume to see the most frustrating trouble on the road: Jubilee (I can see the beads gathered up in the center, separating tut-tuts left from right...I can't wait to see the pictures of "don'ts" with the black bar across the ladies' faces)

Best costume that evoked it's theme: Roulette (backline ONLY, wha frontline rush this year?)

Best costume when yuh luck run out, and she is the last woman at the bar sitting, and it ready to close: Lady Luck (do you feel lucky!?)

Overall from the designs, Element is just as NOT READY as Evolution. I was quite disappointed in Kaotic (as I was expecting some modern jazz, not retro from them). So far, for me, Tribe has the very high watermark in female costumes bikini mas designs for 2k9.

Special kudos to trinibears for wanting and expecting more brain maxing excellence designs for males in "bikini mas" bands.

sexy eyes said...

i like the costumes.. especially roulette & bellagio..
people give jack he jacket nah it was a good 1st attempt!

boobs said...

I totally agree with FAB, well said! the competition is so stiff for new bands I thought they would've known that and come with the wow factor,

jubilee section is so over done it gives me a headache, all the diamonds hanging everywhere and the orange and pink combo is horendous!

roulette reminds me of islandevents and it looks like it's made from velvet and as a whole piece i could imagine how hot that would be lord! the 2 piece version looks aight!

Mirage! mirage, mirage I don't know where to begin, what is that? how does the yellow and orange work with the black and gold pattern thingy my goodness!

sahara is so blah it's mind boggling how they don't see that costume needs something else

lady luck looks like an old poison revamp it looks unfinished and also blah

showgirls ok I don't know if they had extra orange boas or something but it's just too damn much what the hell were they thinking? yeessh!

treasure island is not a treasure at all!

I can't go on anymore it's just to much garbage I hope they take everything said as constructive critism and nothing else, because if it's hot, it's hot and this band is definitely not!

DC Chica said...

I am quite disappointed. I always thought the theme Casino Royale bordered on tacky and that's what I see in most of these costumes. I was wowed by Spice, and Elements has not impressed on the costume scale at all.

Fab is right in referring to Vegas showgirls - why didnt they jut copy some of these ideas?

I actually thought Sahara was the best costume in the bunch, and I think the idea of lace on the costume to be a cute and sexy6 idea. The male is the best male in the bunch too.

Jubilee and Bellagio are cute.

Some costumes were close to the theme, but didnt quite pull it off, Dealers, Roulette and Ceaser's Palace come to mind.

I think other newbie bands - Spice, Evolution, Kaotic - have better costumes. Also, the vets, Harts, Tribe and IP will/ already have better designs.

FAB said...

Review -
- Showgirls - still looking for the show.
- Lady luck - her luck went sailing last night and yet to return
- Treasure Island - Pirates of the caribbean stole it, and now they regret they did cause there was no treasure to be found when opened
- Cabaret - that tie -no,no,no that female costume - granny said hell no
- Sahara - since when dust represents fire -- this name had so much possiblites the things you could of done with Sahara costume -lack of imagination
- Ceasars Palace - he rang and said please stop mis-representing him
Queen of Hearts -- she has left the building in tears oh how you broke her heart with this design - again lack of imagination
- Dealers - deal me over please, I don't like this deck in my hand.
- Miarge - again this name alone has a lot of potential like Sahara but you did noting with it
-Roulete - one is left wondering what is really????
- Jubliee - not here, not now.
- Bellagio - have you ever been - its like only one of the nicest casino in LV -this costume is nice

You know Elements I'm not picking on you but I am just frustrated with all these bands new and old just giving little or no effort to our carnival, - that means so much to me and everyone else who loves it.

Please, everyone who produces mas please step-up your game.

I'm just saying....

**D** said...

omg, I cannot find even one costume that I like or can be convinced to play mas in. They get points for sticking with their theme and making an attempt at something different. The problem I think however, is that with a theme live Vegas you can go either over the top and beautiful, or you can end up looking very tacky. Unfortunately for them I think that alot of costumes ended up the latter. I can't agree with those who think that they did not try. I believe that perhaps they tried a little TOO hard.
Sorry Elements... show's over. (even before it started)

jady lyon said...

I guess I have to say I haven't "seen it all, done it all" like a lot of people here. I don't know what Poison had as a section however many years ago and I don't know which color matches this other costume from three year before that. This is going to be my first and probably only Carnival and I'm just excited to look at everything, matching up costumes from different bands, wondering where I'm going to have the most fun. So I'll review! I don't know who's got a bad rap, I don't know who's got a good rep, I don't know anything from anything.. I'm just a happy costume picture collector at the moment.


Wow. That's a lot of feathers to step on in the road. How are you supposed to sit down in that? And I'm really sorry but I don't think anybody would look good in those colors. Still, if you got a thing for feather boas, this is definitely your costume! I don't got a thing for feathers though or at least, not like this.

Lady Luck

This is incredibly uninspired. The colors are bland and there's no design. It's just a bikini with some stuff glued on. I'm about as handy as a coat rack but I think I could pull this design off myself if I tried.

Treasure Island

I like this. I like jingly coins because they always remind me of belly dancers. The problem with this costume is that I bet those ones hanging from the center of the thong are long enough to get caught between your legs while you're walking and that could be nasty. Still, you can't go wrong with gold! I like that the feathers look like they come down in the back of the headpiece because that would look just great with my hair.


I wish I liked the green more because the blue is very pretty and I love the full on corset. The headpiece is nothing to write home about but the detailing of the design looks super nice. I am a sucker for intricacy and the gold work against the blue appeals to me. And it's not another damned bikini.


I like the colors together a lot and the headpiece on the front is really gorgeous. But the rest of the costume is so amazingly simple that it's disappointing. Again, its just a bikini with a couple of things sewn on. No creativity or interest to grab attention.

Ceasar's Palace

This one has some thought put into it. Gold and white look great together and the headpiece really has some appeal. I like the fact that the bra is different but at the same time, looking at the shots on the website, I think its going to gather awkwardly across the chest and look less than wonderful. Unless you have a lot upstairs, the bra is likely to smother what you do have and give you no cleavage. And if you happen to have a lot upstairs, I don't think that bra is going to support it well. I like the waistband but I have to wish the fabric streamers were longer for more of a skirt effect. Still, it'll look nice swooshing around as you swing your hips. This is a costume I liked a lot when I first saw it, but was less thrilled on closer inspection.

Queen of Hearts

I'm sorry. Full on red and only red does nothing for me and the ruffles just look messy. I note that the website and the launch pictures show a different costume - the website has this cut-out drop skirt which is not that appealing but the launch doesn't show that, its just this drop-V that seems really popular this year. Either way, its just not very nice.


It's simple but this actually works for me. The flapper inspired headdress is very nice, I like the diamonds at the temple. The top for the girl is sweet and the waistband is glitzy enough to make up for the lack of decoration on the top. It's not a showstopper but its still a nice costume.


Wow. I really like this one. I am not sold on the frontline with the oddly decorated left cup and the weird poofy leg decorations but the overall look is very different and very eye catching. I love that the bra extends down and to the back, I love the three quarter gloves. The necklace is solid and ties in well with the look. The overall color sheme of black and bronze with the medallions I think is a great combination of detailed and subtle. The only problem I have with the design of it is the "horns" on the front of the waistband because if you don't have a washboard stomach you could be in trouble there. Still, I think this is the best offering that Elements has put out.


This is also a really nice costume and both frontline and backline have appeal. The color combination looks good together and the repeating pattern of the roulette wheel looks great. This one is really going to sparkle in the sun. It's different and interesting and its not just another bikini with some sequins. The frontline reminds me of an actual showgirl costume to be honest, a much better idea than the section actually called Showgirls.


Just way too many feathers. But you know? I almost want to like it just for the sheer excess of it all. Go big or go home? Still, I think I'd drown in this, like a little girl playing dressup with her mom's stuff... assuming mom had a thing for feather boas from hell.


Its very plain, again just a bikini with some sequins and beads but for all that, it's very nice. The bra in particular has some neat things going on with it with the silver wires and it's going to look refreshing with that crisp aqua color. Still, those feathers... I don't know. You could do worse than this costume but then again, it's not that special, I've seen about a half hundred just like it at this point.

Carnival Diva said...

just pure overkill with boas it that their cheap or something? jeeze.

squeezle said...

I not really interested in allyuh reviews nah. I only wanna hear what Pooh has to say!

Or is he too hung-over to post his comments?

Trinibears said...

Thanks dougla_1 For your Kudos ah feel Like, Sombody Finally Listen tuh meh...I want tuh Cry. :'(
..Ah Moved..

Trinibears said...

Did Anybody Notice The Male "Treasure Island" Costume Shown On the Website Is TOTALLY DIFFERENT to The One Shown at the launch???? WTF..

DC Chica said...

Does anyone wonder why Elements didnt go with a theme inspired by their name, esp since its their inaugural year? Earth, wind, water etc-inspired sections? I think the result would have been less disastrous.

Anonymous said...

the costumes all lack serious design aesthetic, though it be beads and bikini, there is still an art to pulling it off.

These costumes look like they are from 1995. they look cheaply made and are very disappointing.

tribe and spice leading the pack right now, it's not just sticking some appliques and feathers, its a lot more than that to make a bead and bikini look good.

ELEMENTS you need a designer!

M said...

I go with Tribe....Kaotic....then Spice!

Everyone else Lorse!

Bizzie Chic said...

Sahara - nice, especially backline headpiece.

Dealers - cute!!! this will look gorgeous on the road.

caisoqueen said...

My favourite costumes in order are:

1) Bellagio: Absolutely love that headpiece...divine!

2) Cabaret: I love the corset, colour combination and headpiece...beautiful

3) Mirage Backline: I love the design of the bra and all the embellishments on it. I also love the fiery looking headpiece.

My "wha de hell is dat - gross" costumes in order are:

1) Dealers: umm..for Elements to be a breakaway band with experienced designers..that black and white costume looks very high schoolish!

2) Roulette: umm...ok so they stuck to the colour but the costume design...very very Trini Revellish...and de frontline..yuh could hardly see her face..

3) Jubilee: had ah chance but dey kill it with boas....geeeez!

4)Ceasar's Place: gross

5)Showgirls: gimme a break with all that boa ish...gosh..ridiculous

All in all..i give them a serious 5out of 10. All dat hype..secret launch here and there... not cute. And is it me or were the models actually modelling or playin mas on stage?

Not impressed!

Carnival Jumbie said...

my review is up at my spot

HQ said...

what a dissapointment.

Chris said...

Wow...these comments have me cracking up. First of all the lauch was the BEST launch ever! Talk about party and fete for so...and when they say free drinks let me tell u FREE DRINKS. Not like in one other particular band launch i went to that was supposed to be free drinks and you end up having to pay for half the drinks you wanted. So ELEMENTS Congratulatios for a first time band and band launch it was fantastic. The Stage decor was also amazing the models looked hot too once again compared to others i have seen. Another thing that i enjoyed was the fact that elements models worked that runway they danced, pranced, jumped, waved and made eye contact and smiled and got everyone in the audience hiper and excited. Now to the costumes...i loved them all but that may just be me for a first time band the costumes are hot...i dunno what the hell is wrong with you ppl alot were sexy, pretty and had alot of detail i want to know if any of u ppl commenting have been to the band house to see these costumes up close and personal or were in the front of the stage to see the detail on some of these things. The mens costumes are actually hot too first time ive seen mens costumes that look detailed and some even cooler than the females...elements youve paid attention to the men thsi year and thats great. Anyway Elements from the beginning ppl have insisted on bringing u down for what reason i dont know but keep going u heading in the right drirection and you will succeed keep up the good work! Oh and another thing Elements is the first band that has actually had the committee, shareholders, directors and everyone involved in teh crowd, in front the stage jumping up and screaming and cheering on along with all the patrons they are def. and will always be the only band that is "ALL AS ONE" its a family and that is the important thing!

Carnival Diva said...

are you a committee member, shareholder, or director of the band? kudos that you had that great time at the launch however, i'd like to know which were sexy to you?

Andie said...

Chris.. you the PR person for the band or what?.. listen to the masses... too many people saying the same thing about the costumes.. they UGLY and need some work

My band picks for 2009... Tribe (if i can get in), IP, then KAOTIC...

Chris said...

Hi Carnival Diva no i have nothing to do with the band...i am also still not sure on where i am playing carnival either. So no i owe no band anything but im all for giving credit where credit is due...but like ive asked eairler were u there? Did u visit the band house? If not dont judge. And Andie yes i saw ppls comments above but like im asking again is one person saying this cause another person said it first or is it that they have visited the band house and made this decision on their own you know trinis if ten ppl say something ugly and 4 ppl say something nice the majority that have no clue what either of the ppl talking about gonna go say it ugly cause the majority say so. And Andie good luck getting in tribe....

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

I was there, the launch was ok. Yes the drink options were very nice but people were chatting more than dancing. The stage decor was ok, I have pics, it was not AMAZING, I was really expecting more since they said before that Pier 1 would be transformed. The models did dance a lot and were well choreographed. I got both upclose looks of the costumes (at the media showing post launch) and I was at the front of the stage.

I agree with most people here and gave my review which you can read,scroll up to DEATH BY BOAS. No one is bringing down Elements,we were just expecting some pretty amazing costumes and no one can look at those costumes with a straight face and say they are HOT unless you are the designer and your ego cannot take the criticisms :)

For someone who is supposedly not involved with the band your spiel comes across as a well rehearsed press release.

Carnival Diva said...

What is going on with MIRAGE, seriously? If you are in touch with the elements peeps tell them to hold back on boas! But like I said wayyyyy before in another post about the band, 'THEIR COSTUMES WILL APPEAL TO PEOPLE, I AM JUST NOT ONE OF THEM'

Carnicherry said...

Firstly I'll say... I'm 100% certain I'm playing in Tribe so I am not involved with Elements

I was also at Element's launch and I have to agree 150% with 'chris'... the launch was GREAT... music was great, drinks flowed and the costumes (I wouldn't say every single one) were nice...

The stage was well done, FANTASTIC I would say...and I also heard people commenting on it around me...

It's one thing to talk about the costumes but to make a point of saying the launch was social is quite another... Come on...

Yes people were milling about chatting but the vibe was great... and later on after the costume presentation people were dancing and having a great time...

Saucy you are saying that your response is in agreement with the masses above but I don't think the costumes deserve the complete rip-up they are getting here (at least not all)... again I have to agree with 'chris' it seems one person is saying something and the others are following... or as it seemed to me initially... people sensed that you would not like them and responded to suit!

In any event these are the same people that really thought you were camped out at Cascadia... hhahahah too funny!

joe said...

Firstly I would give Elements a grade E for effort and F for execution. The sections look like they were meant for vincy mas or caribana. No offense but the only band they could try and give competition is Evolution.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

carincherry please note that when I posted the photos I never gave ONE opinion and asked the readers to instead review the costumes. The first time I made a comment on this post was today.

How on earth would every single one of these people who left a review anticipate what I would say? If you read my review I singled out two costumes that in my opinion were the worst of the lot. I also stated which ones I liked and which ones were ok in MY opinion.

I agree with the masses that OVERALL Elements did not impress. I had great expectations from the designers and maybe that was the problem, I let all the hype surrounding all the experience they had in mas, as stated abundantly by the Elements committee, get to me.

And how do you know THESE people who left their reviews are the same people who thought I was camping out at Cascadia, did you read my emails or what? If you notice I specifically mentioned that people were messaging me on FACEBOOK and emailing me asking that question! So unless you have super human powers to deduce that these are the same people you should not assume as you know what they say about that !!

Andie said...

hahaha... i love drama... some people and their affiliations cannot seem to take criticism too well.. everybody going on the offensive..

But really... for your costumes to be compared to Evolution is just BAD!!..

By the way.. anybody hear anything further about that band since their "launch"..

Carnicherry said...

Superhuman powers??? I really didn't think my post would evoke such a response from you... oui papa!

Sorry if I didn't take time to read your post word for word... that was an unfair statement on my part...

I really just wanted to bring out the point that I think people are being harsh and it was taking it too far to say the party was social...

Chris said...

Thank you 'carnicherry' like i said before Elements did great and if no one else on this blog wants to say it i will other carnival bands need to go back and support the local talent and stop sending every dam thing to china to be made. Elements has some different to offer and yes not all of their costumes are appealing to everyone they are some that are simply georgous. And no PR people not working overtime we giving credit where credit due. Tribe has great costumes i love them all...but let me ask u something u could of caught any one of there committee members or share holders on the night to ask them anything? Could you have simply gotten a drink with out waiting half an hour and then be told it not free you have to go to the bar a mile a way to purchase it, Could you have gotten close to the front to even see any of the costumes? and the music sucked its a dam band launch for goodness sake play some more soca! Spice .....spice had a fantastic band launch, music not so hot...but ok...fantastic costumes but now they disappeared into thin air...whats up with that? Elements...fantastic band launch....decent costumes....great music...great stage performance from all models....and a vibe that could not be look at the big picture ppl

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Chris why do you have to support your view, of which you are entitled to by bringing up and comparing other bands??

Really, you could have stopped right at "give credit where credit is due" instead of attacking other bands to make your point that people should play with Elements.

Stop worrying about which band is sending what costume to China to be made or what is happening in Spice mas camp or whose music sucked.

Focus on doing your thing and stop waging war with other bands who have yet to say a word about your band. It is childish, petty and is doing nothing to enhance the reputation of Elements, in fact all you are doing is confirming what the general public already thinks with rumours of blacklists, head hunting other bands committees and smear campaigns !


My thoughts,

Thanks Saucy for allowing your readers to review the costumes first. I made a point not to read any other comments until after I post because. A few of the costumes were nice. I liked; Bellagio.

Roulette was original. At first I did not like the red and black, but after looking hard enough it grew on me.
Queen of Hearts I did not get the whole design concept. I don't like ruffles.
Caesars Palace was orginal, but still lacked something. Not for the females who lacking in the chest area??? I mentioned this before in another post, I don’t like hanging pieces.

Sahara could have been nice, but for some reason the headpiece looked devilish, it did not scream Las Vegas.
Cabaret, they could have done more with the men’s costume. He looks like a leprechaun.
Treasure Island, it did not look finished. And is she wearing an eye patch? Not sexy at all.

Lady Luck, ok costume, but what killed it for me were the horseshoes’ dangling on the headpiece.

Showgirls was not a showstopper.

Dealers, I liked it, but wish the material was differnt. Not a good fabri for the road. Something about velvet always screamed cheap to me.
Mirage, I did not understand that fabric either. It looked like camouflage I did like the design but with a different material something feminine, looks like they are going off to war.

Jubilee did not do anything for me either.
I could see a more mature (meaning older) woman playing in this band.

None of the colors stood out. Too mcuh going on with some. Wrong color combos with others. B+ for effort Elements.

Chris said...

Saucy like i said i am playing with none of the above bands i spoke about so i could say what i want about what band i want. I am a paying patron to all the above launches and are on no committee so once again i not forcing no one to play with any band. Somaybe u are right in way that i did make it look like all the other bands had faults too and i apologize but it is just so fustrating that everyone always has to come down on elements y not come down on any other band??? When really and truly elements trying! And i dont mean u saucy i mean all the other ppl above that went on and on like what i am doing now


Chris, I find that while some of the post critizie some also comemnted with positive feedback. I don't think it's coming down hard. I just say constructive critisim. This has been the case with all of the bands that have launched so far. I mean what are people suppose to say, that they love the people dem costume when they dont. While I did not like all, I did like some. Ok they tried, but they fell short along the way. i dont think that there is anything wrong with pointing that out. Perhaps ELEMENTS will read this blog and take some of the critisim and do make some adjustments. The collection was not horrendus, but it was not anything to drool over either. I'm sure if we were asked to review TRIBE or SPICE we could all come up wtih somethings that we did not like. It's all in fun.

Goddess said...

In the words of the immortalised joker..."Why sooo Seriousss?"

Yuh cyar please all of the people all of the time. And people should not take offense cause somebody doh like what they like. Variety is the spice of life man....

* enough cliches in there for allyuh?*

Allyuh relax nah.

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