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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harts Mas Camp Visit

Harts opened their mas camp for registration yesterday, even though the website is not up as yet. There were several masqueraders, and potential masqueraders, "oohing" and "ahhing" over the costumes while many others were busy signing up for their costume of choice.

Male costume prices were not available, however the female prices were listed; these prices are COSTUME ONLY as Harts is a non all-inclusive band. The small headpiece I believe is just the "tiara", the medium is a head band with feathers and the large headpieces are what is displayed in the photographs. The cheapest Female costume prices at $2090.00 (PUT, small headpiece) or Indus (large headpiece) at $2780.00; the most expensive Egypt (black) at $4550.00 and Abarnahara (small headpiece) $3145.00 !! So, if you are looking for a basic no frills costume the prices are not bad however the larger headpieces will set you back about the same as an all-inclusive costume, even FRONTLINE, in another band!ouch!

Price list and deposit info:

click for large view

Section Names:










The Indus


Vayu (God of the winds)





Court Dancers


Melek Taus (peacock angel)






DC Chica said...

Some of those prices are crazy yes - for Harts and because its not all-inclusive. However, there are 23 sections and many cheaper beautiful options available as well.

Carnival Diva said...

I may have to give Harts a try one year yes.

squeezle said...

Heaven help me, I've changed my mind AGAIN!!! Could I just have one of each, please and thanks.

SmokyEyes said...

I would like to give Harts a shot. Their costumes are very pretty.

dajewel1982 said...

yes, one year, i would like to give harts a shot, too!!

redwhiteblack said...

ok .. so I have always loved Harts played with them for 5 years!!. And the costumes are very attractive. BUT

Have they lost the plot with those prices? Unless you are underaged (which, its Harts, so there will be lots of those), or you do not drink/eat etc, I cannot see those prices making and financial sense at all.


Indus is pretty

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