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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Island People Prices

Ocean Whispers
Backline - 3295.00
Frontline - 3695.00

Backline - 3295.00
Frontline - 4095.00

Angel Falls
Backline - 3195.00
Backline with backpack - 3895.00
Frontline - 4595.00

Backline with small headpiece - 3295.00
Backline with large headpiece - 4095.00
Frontline with small headpiece and back pack - 4095.00
Frontline with large headpiece and back pack - 4895.00

Backline 3095.00
Frontline no back pack - 3695.00
Frontline with back pack - 4595.00

Backline with head scarf - 3095.00
Backline with headpiece- 3295.00
Frontline 4295.00


Rays of Light
Backline - 3495.00
Frontline - 3795.00

Heavenly Skies
Backline - 3495.00
Backline small wings - 4095.00
Backline large wings - 4395.00

Frontline Feathered Skirt - 3695.00
Frontline Feathered Skirt small wings - 4295.00
Frontline Feathered skirt large wings - 4595.00

Midnight Bloom

Chocolate and Caramel

Natural Mystic
Small headpiece - 2995.00
Small headpiece, LARGE backpack - 3990.00
Large headpiece - 3495.00
Large heapdice large back pack - 4490.00

contact Sonia Mack


Touch, Carnival

Love, Dreams, Angel Falls, Heavenly Skies, Ocean Whispers

Rays of Light, Chocolate & Caramel, Midnight Bloom, Afrodisiac


Diva said...

Hey Saucy,

Can these prices be converted to USD and posted for the foreigners, please?


Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

You have got to be kidding me diva!

Try one of the online converter websites for the TT exchange rate.

trinicandy said...

diva divide the prices here by about 6.30

Triniprincess said...

Saucy the name says it all lol

Curlylocz said...

Diva, the web site is up with the US prices posted for all costumes.

babydoll said...

Is anyone else having trouble with the online registration?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am having trouble registering!

afro chic said...

Umm...Saucy while you're at it could you convert the prices into Bangladeshi dollars? Thanks!

Curlylocz said...


babydoll said... i guess online registration still aint ready yet because i've been clicking all over the website and still nothing!

Ms. Sexy said...

quick question.

Does anyone know is Love option be comes with the wire backpack and the one for 766 id the large heart? or if both of them with the backpack is 766

preciouskimmy said...

This is one BIG JOKE...I feel we are being punked..first can we get so disorganized with an event that happens every year? Maybe I missed it but with IP did they have a deposit price?

I would just like to say Thank you Saucy...I've been reading your website since last year since I started playing mas in Trinidad and your website helped me alot.... never really wrote anything because everyone answered and asked the same questions I was to you and everyone else..


Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Love with the HEART back pack is an individual. The Frontline comes with cage bra.Deposit is 900.00TT regular costumes, $1500.00TT frontline

babydoll said...

I called the number on the website and was surprised that I got someone to pick up. Anyway they said they are working on the website registration link and it should be up shortly so who knows how long that will be.

Curlylocz said...

PreciousKimmy the deposit is 50% of your costume choice.

Tr|n|gYa| said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tr|n|gYa| said...


Diva said...

See, Saucy is like Superwoman (Carnival version), so it's a safe assumption to make that she has the conversions locked and loaded to post along with the TTD prices.

I think it would be both interesting and informative (shout outs to Afro Chic and de whole a de Bangladesh massive) if you were able to post the prices in Bangladesh Taka.

Anonymous said...

The half price on the price of the costume is only is you are registering online. I prefer to do it this way, that way I only have the other half to pay when the time is due

Lady said...

IP's mas camp is in shambles right now. Why did they let past and potential masqueraders register at the same time????? steupsssssss...

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

You can pay more than the required deposit for any band/costume as well as make payments before he final payment to make it easier.

buublenut said...

So Suacy can you tell me if I make the depois on my costume how much I will have to save every 4th night to pay off the balance in time for Carnival. Just so it clear can i have the answer in TT and US??!


Curlylocz said...

This waiting to register is getting to me. C'mon IP....

Anonymous said...

is it me or does the IP costume touch look like Mystique from tribe for carnival 2008?

bubblenut said...

It is just you. That is a stretch.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

I doh find it is a far stretch at all..the colour and the shape of the headpiece, at first glance (without noticing the detail) I could see where you coming from jv!

joe said...

JV I think its jus u, touch looks no way like mystique compare to Ruby Topaz, a total replica.

S said...

stick break in allyuh eye or what? It is not even a stretch. Touch does not look anything like Mystique! For heavens sake the only thing i would concede is that MAYBE the shades of pink are similar, and that is only because colour can be a very subjective thing.

carnbabynov21 said...

to be perfectly honest i only seem to read about how costumes compare to tribe when personally i've seen at least two costumes from tribe that look almost like costumes a rival band did on their first outing.

if you want originality bikini and beads are not for you check brian mac farlane. it's ridiculous the comparisons!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you carnbabynov21...its been too many years of all this crap between the bands, and it really has to stop!

Curlylocz said...

Website giving problems with registration already. IP yuh really stickin' boy....

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you did but I was able to register since 11 this morning...try again.

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