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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Island People's Registration Begins Today!!

Some tidbits of information I think will be interesting for all those planning on registration today:

*Registration begins at 11AM when the mas camp opens and not 10AM as listed in the email.

*Both new and past masqueraders can register today; that means open registration for EVERYONE.

*Each person can register up to five people, including them self.

*Prices will be posted at 11AM at the mas camp

*The website is supposed to be up and running this afternoon.

Good luck !


babydoll said...

So registration begin at 11am but the site won't be up until this afternoon...what sense that make!

ms. hershey said...

and the prices are going to be posted on the day of registration -mind you, many people won't see these prices until they attempt to register online this afternoon IF the website is up and running properly at that time- then to top it off, they have OPEN registration today??? so it's basically a free for all... interesting.

Triniprincess said...

So IP basically gave a big F*@K you to the overseas masqueraders?!

I mean thank God for Saucy, but it shouldn't be your job to inform THEIR masqueraders. What about the people who don't know about this site?

IP you really went and did it this time. Real BS. NO site, NO prices, nothing for the people not in Trinidad to go on other than a leaked calendar and pictures from other people.

Real f*@kery!!!

babydoll said...

Now the site is up and the registration link don't let you register!

Trini S said...

Im in the US and have a friend at the mascamp to register for me.She said it's a mess outside right now.

Ms. Sexy said...

i just spoke to Shawn and Fish. IP is currently having technical difficults. but they assured me that on section will be sold out until onlie registration is up. they will be manufacturing according to the registration, therefore there is no set numbers in each section as of yet.

chinup said...

"they will be manufacturing according to the registration, therefore there is no set numbers in each section as of yet."

heaven!! if that's the truth then kudos to IP for that much at least, the rest, they need to stop taking their time with!!

SmokyEyes said...

I really don't know what to say about this band. All I can say is good luck to their masqueraders!

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