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Monday, August 25, 2008

TRIBE U.K. Launch Review

Many thanks to blogger SLK for the following review of TRIBE's U.K. Band Launch last Saturday:

Hi Saucy!
So Saturday night I went to the launch of TRIBE in London, I thought you might like to hear.

So doors opened at 9 and registration was scheduled for 10.30 - 12. It was held at the Camden Centre, which is used for other soca events in London and is NOT popular as a venue. But anyway, we arrived a bit after 10, because although I wasn't registering, I wanted to see how it all went down! When we walked in - jeez the place was EMPTY! And I mean EMPTY! (I have photos) .The venue is this big square room and it felt like a school disco.

The room had been decorated with what looked like bamboo bird cages and white birds hanging from the ceiling, it looked pretty. Registration was set up behind a little barrier to one side, and although we were only there about 20 mins before it started, there was only 3 people in the queue!! There was a TV screen showing the costume photos from the booklet. (Including Flamingo) .

So anyway, we got a few drinks, and a few more, and then more.... it was an all inclusive after all! They had Trini alcohol too which we were very happy about. So the DJ announced the start of registration and people went forward to the tables. As this was behind a barrier I couldn't really work out what was going on, whether people were getting through. The queue built up a bit but I reckon no longer than about 50 people. (By this time the place was gradually getting busier).

There was a woman handing out numbered tickets to the people waiting. I was never aware of when it finished (blame the rum) but the queue seemed to go down and at some point they finished registration. We all carried on partying away .It was much busier by this point, and jugglers was doing a good job with the music. The free drinks helped too! Some bartender brought round a huge pan of the weakest tasting rum punch in the world to everyone.

The crowd was a lot of what you would describe as 'melanin challenged' people, very different to most soca fetes in London! I think this was also due to the very central location of the venue, and the fact it is carnival weekend! So at around 1.15, with not really any announcement, suddenly there was the first costume on stage! So I rushed forward to get a good view and photos! One by one models came on for each section, all backline except Brazilian Macaw which was frontline. I thought the models were great!

They each danced on stage (to soca, thank God!) for about 30 seconds each, as it was a small stage, loads of time to snap away! Blue Tanager, Hummingbird and Ruby Topaz were not there though. However they shouldn't have sent the poor girl modeling Pheasant out on stage like that though, the belt was so high it finished before her pantys start!

Then the stage show finished and shortly after Martin Jay (one of the biggest soca DJs in UK) came on stage to announce Fay Ann.

Fay Ann was great, we were right at the front going mad, I lost my shoe (but found it again!). Then Bunji came on, who was even better! Totally mashed up the place! Then it finished around 3.30, and we stayed around to say hi to Fay Ann and Bunji (we are such groupies!) who were lovely as ever. I also saw Machel, though he told the man next to me he was really busy and couldn't really take a photo! Then we went home, good night was had by all! Not quite as good as the Tribe fete in Trinidad, but hey!


shells said...

Thanks for the review SLK, sounds like you had a 'good', alcohol-influenced time at the launch. A couple friends of mine said they were going to this launch and I hope they got into whatever section they wanted.
BTW: Why'd they bother showing pics of Flamingo if it was cancelled? Did they have a model parade the Flamingo costume as well? SLK did they at anytime mention anything about sections being closed? hmmnnn, the plot thickens LOL

TriniZeta said...

it start late because everybody was at busspeppa fete

SLK said...

Shells, it seemed like they had a slideshow of the costumes and never removed Flamingo. But no they didn't model it. There were very few announcements about registration, certainly none about what was available and what wasn't!
Trinizeta, most people I know went to Insomnia at Stratford Rex instead!

Carnival Diva said...

Aye miss tzeta, how you doing girl, i wanna hear about your time as well! lol knowing you miss hot foot!

sounds like you had ah time SLK! :)

superoli said...

Hello as one of the organizers I thought the review was pretty balanced and welcome any comments or suggestions from people who attended so that we can make the next event even better
ps dont need to mention the venue we know that ! :-)

shells said...

tnx SLK :-)

SLK said...

Hi superoli
I think TRIBE did a very good job seeing as all they had to go on was their reputation in Trinidad. Saturday night was a great start to build on in the UK! However I know some people were put off, or didn't even know about it, due to a lack of advertising in the London soca community. Some people thought TRIBE were just trying to attract a 'certain crowd'.
If you hold any more events like that I will be back :)
ps where are the photos TRIBE took?

Redd_Trini UK said...

Trinizeta, Buspepper did not have a fete Saturday night. The INCOGNITO crew did SHIPWRECKED and it was de bomb! I believe most peeps from SHIPWRECKED went to TRIBE as an after party option. Buspepper and INCOGNITO linked up to do D Bacchanal Boat Monday Mas section in Lagniappe, and that too was hott!!

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