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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Question and Answer with "The Sauce"

  • What has Been Your BEST And WORST experience as a Blogger? Ie With People Who make Comments, In Trying to Get Info ie "DE sauce", With Band Leaders or member saying things about you.
The Best Experience as a blogger is having been able to forge a network with other like minded Carnival lovers/enthusiasts and developing friendships with people I would have never met otherwise. The network is so strong that blogger “limes” occur outside of Carnival and even outside of Trinidad and Tobago on a regular basis. The liming has taken us to Punta Cana, London, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Hawaii, New York… brunch, baby showers, fetes and soon a wedding!

The worst experience is people thinking that I have to please ALL the people ALL the time, this is my blog so the content is going to be first and foremost from my perspective; I cannot fathom why people still have a problem with that, if they don't like what I have to say the choice is theirs: do not visit! If I have no one visiting the blog I would still be typing away as with my very first post! I never anticipated that any one would read it... even though they did and the rest is history.
  • How do you deal with the Fans, Crazies, Papparazi, stalkers, Psychos.. ETC......
Well you will be surprised to know I have not encountered any crazies, the papparazi only come out for Carnival, on an every day basis they are not camping out around my house, lol! I like to think that for the most part I am still anonymous/incognito to many people. Fans, if they figure out who I am and I am in a good mood I will fess up, in a bad mood (i.e. anti-social) I will be like “Saucy?? Who?”
  • If Yuh had One Costume Theme You would Like to see Portrayed Wha it go be??
RIO! All Brazilian Samba girl mas so no one can accuse me of not sticking to a theme!
  • Since starting your blog I always thought your blog was more consistent and informative than most entertainment websites out there, what are your plans for the future of 'Trinidad Carnival Diary'?
The plan is to add more interactive user content and make the blog more user friendly in terms of accessing material. I would also love to be able to add some feature for streaming video LIVE from band launches and on the road for Carnival. The other plans I am keeping under wraps for now.
  • Between work School, Carnival and life in general, I often find it hard with the posting consistently, with all the other things that must also be going on in your life where do you find the time to keep banging out them post Saucy??
Good question! Maybe it helps that I am not one of those people that needs much sleep to operate and that I always have something to say. My thinking is the day I have nothing to say, is the day I will have nothing to write… that day has yet to come.
  • I've been thinking a lot about this TLC issue (since I'm bring some genuine tourists with me aka not Trinis who live abroad). Do you think that TLC, limited online registration opportunities etc limit the ability of foreigners to come and participate in our mas? I for one would never advise anyone to come here to watch mas (as one would do in Rio - cuz its not spectator friendly)
The TLC card is only applicable to one band and another band has a similar system in place. However there are approximately 16 other large to medium Carnival Bands to choose from that parade in Port of Spain only. I think that offers you LOTS of choices to play mas in Trinidad if you choose to do so. Most bands offer some sort of online registration, it is not as limited as you believe it to be.
  • What do you think about the price increases for Carnival - from costumes; to accommodation (some not worth the price) to fetes? I was looking at packages to Brazil, and some are cheaper that what I'll be spending for my stay next year. Do you think its a reality we just have to face; do you think it will ever hurt patronage?
Inflation in Trinidad is affecting every thing, as someone who lives here I have seen prices skyrocket for even the most basic items in the super market not to mention for other goods and services. That being said you can still come to Carnival in Trinidad and not break the bank. The prices for SOME costumes have increased; you can find affordable costumes in Carnival bands if you look. Accommodation is cheaper if you book a guest houses and have a group of people to share, however these guest houses and even apartments are booked up solid very early. Similarly with air fare the earlier you book the cheaper the cost of your ticket.

The thing in keeping costs down is planning, planning, planning the earlier you start organizing for Carnival the better. I will say that fete prices are most likely going to increase again next year and you should know that you do not have to go to ALL the fetes. Frankly you go to one popular fete and you see the repertoire for the season as the bands perform the SAME routine at all the fetes! I would say choose your fetes wisely and sparingly. There are some package deals to Trinidad Carnival available online which include hotel, fetes and costumes. Maybe you can take a look at those and compare them to Brazil’s at least the air fare to Trinidad will be cheaper!
  • As a carnival newbie I had a question about costume accessories. On many websites costumes are shown with necklaces, earrings, bracelets/bangles, etc. Are these part of the costume, meaning are they included in the all inclusive price of the costumes or is this just to show off the costumes better? Thanks!
More often than not what is seen on the website advertised is what you get, including accessories. If you are not sure and need more information on what comes with your costume you can always email the band with your query.
  • Saucy you do excellent coverage of band launch and costume reviews, thus exhibiting your creativity, in that light have you ever thought about designing a section in a band and or bringing out your own band?
Bringing out my own band NO, too much stress! Designing a section? Surprise, surprise I have done this already with a friend of mine though I was not actively involved in her section. Fashion design has always been a love of mine, I have even won award in that arena (pat self on back) and my designs have showed up in local music videos and commercials! I do not have the time to dedicate to that passion anymore unfortunately; maybe I should stop blogging and start back designing!
  • Saucy, in four short sentences or less, what is an ideal Carnival Tuesday for you?Have you had that experience(s)?
I will give it to you in four short WORDS- Crossing the Savannah Stage!!!!!!! That has been the BEST experience ever for me in playing mas, regardless of which band I am with. It saddens me that mas virgins may never have that experience for years to come if at all ever again.

  • Were you a saint in a previous life?The reason I ask is because of the level of patience you display while answering some of the most inane/silly questions posed to you on this blog.
Saint? I do not think so lol. I have actually very little patience in real life; I think my alter ego is a much nicer person that the “real” me!
  • Also, I hear you have a fan club called Saucy's Sheeple. Where can I sign up and what are the benefits extended to members?
You are asking the wrong person, fan clubs are run by the fans so you will have to find one of the sheeple and ask them!
  • I have a question for you Saucy Wow!!What secret section you in!! I await your reply!
I am not IN a secret section, MY section is a secret.. comprende?
  • What SPECIFIC advice do you have for a carnival newbie who is also Jamaican and who lives in New York?Some Trinis in America complain about non-Trinidadians (particulary Haitians and Jamaicans) being involved in carnivals up here. Some even want to have North American carnivals that are exact replicas of TnT with no Bajan/ Vincy/ Lucian soca and no cultural contribution of any other country.
As a carnival Newbie I suggest you peruse the “Carnival Virgin Survival Guide”, start planning early and read up as much as you can on any and everything Carnival related. No one complains about non- Trinidadians being involved in Carnival here, in fact we want you to come and experience the greatest show on Earth. In the Carnival bands you will see flags from all countries displayed on masqueraders and for the International Soca Monarch show contestants come from all over the Caribbean; that should give you an indication of the patronage Trinidad Carnival receives from our Caribbean neighbors.
  • How are foreigners treated during Carnival in TnT? Including the fete season and the cool down season.
Foreigners are VERY welcomed during Carnival by the time you leave you will consider yourself an honorary Trini!
  • When is the official date of on-line registration for non TLC Holders?
As per TRIBE’s website it is Wednesday 20th August.
  • Once I register and I pay for my Costume, do I automatically become a TLC card holder?
You will have to refer to TRIBE’s guidelines on this matter as the rules for TLC changed this year. Persons were only awarded TLC cards if they registered directly at the mas camp/online in 2007 during the August/September period. I cannot say what will become of the TLC cards for 2009.
  • What are benefits of Holding a TLC card other than First preference Reg.(I wish I had one)?
Actually apart from discounted tickets to TRIBE related events, the only benefit for having a TLC is that you get to register on a different date from Non- TLC holders and that is it.
  • If Tribe is sold out, What other bands do you recommend to play in and why?
I suggest that you look at all bands that have launched, choose a costume that you like, discuss it with your friends and then make a decision on which one you would like to play with. I do not recommend mas; that is a decision solely for you to make.
  • How many pre carnival fetes does Tribe throw?
I believe they have one fete which is Ignite.
  • What parties are a must go to around Carnival?
Everyone has a different list of “must go parties”, I hesitate to recommend. Some of the popular ones are Bacchanal Wednesday, Eyes Wide Shut, UWI Splash, Salybia, Beach House, Ladies First, Insomnia and Brian Lara’s Fete. By no means is this comprehensive lists of ALL the “must go “ fetes just a few that I can safely say are very popular; you may want to consult with your fete crew to decide on which fetes you want to attend.
As I mentioned before there are several online organizations that offer package deals to Trinidad Carnival that include everything you listed; just do a google search. Please note that I am not endorsing any of these tour operators, I am just providing you with information that was requested.
  • Saucy,Does TRIBE stand for something? how come whenever you type that word, it is in all caps?
TRIBE does not stand for anything, it was the name of Pleasures Carnival section in Poison, 2004. When Pleasures Carnival united with other Poison sections to form their own band in 2005 the name of the former section became the name of the band. If you notice the logo for TRIBE is all in caps, hence the reason I also type it in caps.
  • I also want to know your secret section. Thank you. oh and um, can you let me know before tomorrow at 5:30pm? Thanks.
You will see what section I am in on Carnival Tuesday, you should know by now I keep my section a secret, but you can always take a wild guess!


Trinibears said...

After answering A marathon of Questions the Crown Of "Ms Carnival Universe" Goes to.....Ta Da!!!!!!!

carnivalbaby said...

Well yes Saucy, you are the greatest, that was a fabulous job you did in answering all those questions. I will keep saying it, you are in a league of your own.

JJ said...

steeeeeeeeeeeups! @ Saucy for the answer to my second question!
*cutting saucy a "cut eye"*

other than that, great job with the answers. :D

shells said...

I am impressed!! "The Sauce" has done it again. Is it just me or did some of the questions repeat themselves?

Megan said...

I vex like JJ :P

Good job though Saucy Wow!

afro chic said...

So...who is the Head Sheeple of the Fan Club?

I want to know where to get my application dammit. I here it have a free jersey once you sign up.

empressnatts said...

Saucy girl somebody just send me some anti tribe/TLC e-mail...People not ez in this place yes. I say if yuh dont like how tribe operate find another band and stop complaining.

On another note...Good post saucy u answered the questions well!!Very informative. I wasnt expecting anything less from you

Penny said...

Really good job answering the questions!! No offense to the BL, but the Q&A this week was more informative!!

carnivalkris said...

sauce, i agree with your four words to decribe the perfect carnival tuesday. there is nothing i used to look forward to more than crossing the stage, (even if it meant waiting for hours in the lineup) but its worth it

Trini-in-Toronto said...

You were talking about how many people you met through your blog, and that got me thinking of how many people I have met as a direct result of your blog. We have made some really good friends. And after being inspired by your blog and encouraged by a section leader to start a blog dedicated to Caribana. After doing this, we have gotten to know many of the section & band leaders as well as meeting many different masqueraders every year. If we weren’t seeking out blog material, we may have never signed up as Caribana volunteers. And as volunteers we met many Caribanas’ organizers and pioneers. We are only one example, I think for every carnival blog that started after someone googled “Trinidad carnival information” and came across your community may have a similar story. Your blog has far reaching impacts that you may not know about.

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