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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sold Out Section Update

I told you everyone who reached early at Cascadia were gunning for African Love Bird! That was the first section to be SOLD OUT.

African Love Bird – SOLD OUT
Bird of Paradise Frontline – SOLD OUT
Blue Tanger Frontline- Sold out online
Brazilian Macaw Frontline – SOLD OUT
Caged Canary Floor Member and Frontline – SOLD OUT
Green Honey Creeper Female - SOLD OUT
Humming Bird Frontline – sold out online
Humming Bird Floor Member NO WINGS - SOLD OUT
Humming Bird Floor Member with WINGS - SOLD OUT
Kiskadee Frontline – SOLD OUT
Kiskadee Female – SOLD OUT
Pheasant Frontline – sold out online
Ruby Topaz Floor Member and Frontline – SOLD OUT
Spangled Cotinga Floor Member and Frontline – SOLD OUT
Pheasant Male – SOLD OUT
Macaw Male – SOLD OUT
Ibis Male –SOLD OUT
Green Honey Creeper -SOLD OUT
African Love Bird - SOLD OUT
Cotinga - sold out online



that was fast.

keyshia said...

u cud post wuh left? lol

srsly :)

Bizzie Chic said...

Everybody jumping with me, lolll

Jewels said...

seems like there are still plenty costumes left, even if they aren't first choice...not so much for frontline.

golden dove floor is really nice, and other floor members still open (Can't really go wrong with any of the costumes :) ) Not sure how much longer though!

empressnatts said...

Oh goshh well non TLC members and TLC who sticking... allyuh ass is grass!!! Better start taking out de Rosary and start saying some Hail Marys cause allyuh will need a miracle to get in.

jv said...

well im just hoping part of my section is available for non tlc members

Trinibears said...

HA HA I GET MY COSTUME !!!!!!!!!!!FIRST CHOICE!!!!!!!! HA HA ! Was Dey early (1:30 pm) ANd Get No 45 and Still Get My 1st Choice Even Thought It Sell Out ....HA HA EARLY BIRD KETCH DE EARLY WORM.... .. De woman In Front ME had #41 and Had to settle For Second choice...HA HA ....It pays To be a Male masquerader.....HA HA...I Take Pictures and video Of All De suckers Waiting...Who Want tuh Take a Peek...???

boobs said...

well my goodness this is drama!! I am shocked, well not really I kind of expected it and since everyone talking about there sections I am proud to say I am in "Frontline Caged Canary" now off to the gym for some serious toning up, 6 months to go I should be ready like freddy! I am dreading holidays they set back my progress, tribe in the air!

Carnival Diva said...


carnivalkris said...

congrats to you guys who got your first choice, as jewels said there are still a good bit of nice costumes left. must not sure for how much longer, my time will soon come with IP, and i too will be able to buss meh style on how ah get in the section ah want..once again congrats. to the non-TLC memebers take heed on empressnatts words....It has begun

Nicky said...

Persistance pays! Months of stalking, calling, emails to TRIBE asking for my TLC as a two time past player finally paid off,, mind you I only got it at the umpteeth hour right before registration. This was a full time job for me, a project that took on a life of its own, unfortunately some of my crew were not so lucky. Apparently TRIBE wanted similar pulling teeth efforts from them (as in get your TLC before the July 23rd date) and mention of and begging for my friends in my own emails didnt count,,,so harsh TRIBE, so harsh..but my buddies will try next week and I hope things work out. It really shouldn't be so hard. Kinda sad for the regular man on the street aka masquerader who living overseas who not in the line up of "whos who" in Trini,,I realize some responses were only prompted when I started dropping names on pure suggestion of friends who know friends who know whose names to drop,,,so elitist!,,one point to mention, people who on the A list that were registered upfront behind the scenes were apparently limited to only certain sections and not their preference, a bit sad so i defintely dont hate them. Anyway!..all that is now past, I am in de band! Got my first choice! See u on de road people! Caw Caw Caw! (much props to Tribe WebMasters, DBAs, linking to Senvia,,everything went smoothly on the day off),,,Next project, those hard to get PARTY TIX! another headache, another have to know somebody, who know somebody, anybody know anybody?????

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Congrats Nicky!! The pe-registered folks who registered very early did in fact get their section of first choice before quotas were met..I guess even in the pre registration the early bird got the worm!!

Good luck to your friends.

dajewel1982 said...

yeah, i got my first choice (i think it was my first choice...)!!! nonetheless,i love my costume!!! now, the coordination of accessories will begin!!

Trinibears said...

Dis Pre-Register thing Was A big Discussion With my friends yesterday....Some random People Were Bashing TRIBE Because of the Selective Practice that THe Sell Costumes Before hand and The Section owners giving Preference to Certain People...... What all yuh Really think about this Practice , I for one Doh Really Care , I feel is Fair though if i Bringing out a section and yuh want yuh people close tuh yuh, Yuh give them a Bligh.. But Do you think It should Be done at the Expense and detriment of the Loyal Masqeraders??

Tr|n|gYa| said...

I'm sorry, I have to put the Tribe Trolls on blast.

As far as I heard, the only problem encountered was paying using Senvia online for local Trinis...other than that, getting into your section was not hard (unless it was a high demand costume like Brazilian Macaw FL and Spangled Cotinga FL), once you had your ish in order, you were good to go! I can say for a fact that Cotinga was available for a VERY long time after the website was open for registration (that's for all you whiners who were claiming it was sold out, STEUPS)
Only complainants are the people I heard strolled in cooly at 6pm and expected everything to be a breeze!
When the dust (partially) settled, all the TLC panic was for NOUGHT..

For all the registrants, congrats! :D Now we are now free to worry about other things like boots and accesories
And for the other TLC-ers, the process restarts today! :)


Morning to all. Seems that everyone is happy so far. I'm secured my 1st choice of costume. Website had a mind of it's own for a while, but overall everything went well.

dougla_1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dougla_1 said...

nicky, the question is why would you want to be in a band of "elitists"? I would like to think of this band as premium exclusive (in the fasionable sense.) There could be knockoffs for the price conscious, but imitation is not flattery to me when it comes to undercutting a brand that established a benchmark of quality and precision (yes, this is still debatable with TRIBE, to be entirely objective.) I am glad for you, your people, knew people, who knew people. It's not fair, I tell you. You got the exact costume my friend wanted! The irony! :)

trinibears, I believe a band could only be so big on the road to a point when a diminished sense of fun and BAND conhesion start to fray. In other words if the band is too big, you can't give it the best service and attention you could offer. We all could be awed with a Poison massive (at it's largest,) but was that a band or a brood of bands, really? Your question is one I can't answer. For sure loyalty should count in the equation. After all, it is that patronage that could have greatly helped build the brand.

Trinibears said...

dougla_1.. I agree with Yuh . Yuh cyar have a band that so BIG thar the Service suffers THATS A BIG NO-NO..Yuh ha tuh give people value for they money, I would Hate To Be a Band leader Trying To Juggle- Loyalty, Quality of Service, and Still Being Human to their Friends and Family..... as a Matter of Fact i think I would Be a terrible Band Leader because I would try to Please Everybody and Fail


With all they hype of pre-registration, sold out sections etc. I think everything went well. As you can see from Saucy post, alot of sections are not even sold out; Night Owl, Wild Parrott, Ibis, Golden Dove (which suprised me) cuz the B.A.B.E section was very pretty. I did say there was a minor problems with the website at first, but then realized the error was on my part. Once I logged in I was clicking on the costume pic instead of the female option link , the page was then re-directing to me to 2008 TRIBE costumes which I thought was strange, then I read click on female or male and everything was a breeze after that. It took me about 5 mins to get logged in properly and ALL the sections were still there FL and BL, everything was done in 2 minutes. Very relieved that registration is over.

Mas-ah said...

why is it that as caribbean people we are so limited and mediocre in our thought application?

China is hosting the olympics,you think they said "if it too big we cyah serve everybody" ?

It is simply a question of management and experience.

Tribe has shown this abaility in the past and even though they have curtailed their numbers, they have become the benchmark for service.

You may find me incorrigible but I just think

20 masqueraders = 2 waiters

20000 masqueraders =2000waiters

and such

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Mas-ah the MASQUERADERS complained that TRIBE was too big, they demanded the band be reduced and it has :D

Customer is always right!

Trinibears said...

Mas-ah, Yuh Also have to Consider The fact that, A Band Exceeding 5000+ Is a Disaster To Fit and Manage On the Road. The Streets of POS can only Hold A specific Amount of Trucks, Masqueraders, Vendors and Spectators at any one given time.....So trying to Solve the Management issue is a lot more complicated than throwing Idealistic/Realistic ratios of Service...Its WAY more complicated..

Camille said...

i get meh costume - now is to fight to get my bf in the section with me (he is a 1sttime player) buh doh worry - i go get him in... :) i got my first choice too.. oh gosh...i excited..

babydoll said...

Saucy just keep us overseas Non-TLC holders in the loop as to what is still available and what is sold out. I would love to play with tribe but if not the IP teasers have definitely impressed me also.

Nicky said...

the IP teasers are tempting and i hope they are fine-tuning their act. Many have shed tears on costume pick up day before, and it always seemed to be one piece of drama after the next. I have faith in IP now, didnt hear too much complaints from last time, but I'm a burnt once forever shy person, i still shudder at the disappointment of finding only a wrong size underwear in my box few years ago and nothing else, not even a bangle and being told i could get my refund back as if they were doing me a favor (again shudder, shudder),, i almost jumped back on a plane home, but was able to fanagle the box of a friend who changed her mind about coming and squeezed into her costume, that took a lot of begging to happen,,having mummy at the mas camp with me was a help too,,she cussed and i cried,, :) anyways,,,I am a triber for life now,,got my first choice, i'm glad everyone is happy..Senvia had a hiccup or two for some people if from paying for previous years you exceeded your allowance which was ridiculous to me but those folks found a work around. African love bird sold out so quickly it made our heads spin but i think the others were open for awhile..Does anyone know if African lovebird will be available on the 20th for non TLC holders,,there should be an allotment too or no? I'm not sure which is fair. In response to one of the comments above my choice of work "elitist" may have been harsh.."exclusivity" would have been a better option. Thanks all for the camaradie! what will i do with all this excitement till next year!,,


TRIBE has updated the website with Sold out sections


Nicky, I dont't think ALB is available, since is shows on Sold out on their website

Curlylocz said...

Pheasant and Brazilian Macaw backline are also sold out, well that's according to the web site.

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