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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brian Mc Farlane's Resurrection The Mas Review

Hey people, seeing as every other band has gotten a review, I decided to write one for Macfarlane as well...

After playing for the first time with him in 2009 in Africa, I set my sights on Resurrection and registered in Black Indian. I registered in person and this was a breeze at the mas camp. Macfarlane is EXTREMELY traditional as he displays sketches and only bits of the material is brought out for you to see. For those of you who may not like this, I assure you his staff are friendly and will answer every possible question about the costume. Your other alternative is to wait some days closer to carnival when completed costumes are put on display.

After receiving an email with the collection dates, I went to collect on my assigned day and met some challenges. The costumes are distributed at the mascamp, but the camp is just too small to facilitate the smooth distribution to so many people. To avoid the rush , I went early and received everything except my headpiece which was not ready. I wasn't upset about it not being ready, but AT LEAST you could have called before hand and apologised (as I had made transport arrangements - considering the headpiece was so large!). I had to go back on friday where there was a MASS of people but luckily I was able to slip to the side and get mine easily. I hope members of the Art Factory see this and make the necessary adjustments for 2011...a larger space for distribution is costly but makes things easier.

Clad in Burlap and Mud we hit the streets at midday, in a significantly larger band. Macfarlane does not really fuss about who takes a jump up in the band, so there were many friends and family of actual masqueraders jumping up as one. Tony Prescott and Surface kept the music pumping, until a costume from Legacy damaged the truck (?)..but this was quickly corrected. I DO NOT like his chit system for the drinks (water is endless),, because just like last year it reaches a point where they just hand you without a its pointless. Furthermore, the drinks truck is just a regular pick up truck as compared to DKEWE which had a trailer converted into a full bar!!! Also, he really needs a wee wee truck ( but we all know how he feels about that!!!) As this year there were less CLEAN port-o-potties along the route (surprisingly, Piccadily street was the cleanest and only supervised reststop on the entire route). Come on Brian, you are more creative and resourceful than that! But monday was a BLAST and the mud really saved our skin from that blazing sun!

So, I met that band at 8:30AM and we all made final adjustments and posed for pictures. The mirrors in the park (on Rosalino street), is a nice touch as it helps with any alterations you may need to make. The band left extremely late, close to 10:00AM and we took FOREVER to cross the stage on the Avenue. So I quickly deduced that we were in for a long day. We crossed South Quay around 4ish, after waiting for hours!!! However, I must commend Macfarlane as his workers kept passing through the band and ensured that we were well hydrated, with water and juice. Surface also kept the music pumping so although I was fed up of waiting, at least I was wine-ing while doing so. His repair team was also out in full force, fixing any costume that suffered a rip or other mishap. After south Quay, we headed to Picadilly street, where we got into section again and PALANCED across that stage too! Then this was where the wait got took us 5 HOURS to get to the savannah, as we were stuck behind D KREWE and DreamTeam. At this point many left the band, but somehow I found that energy for one more lap to PALANCE in front of the cameras! The only downside, was that after crossing there is usually the slow chip back to the mascamp. But because people were SO exhausted everyone just headed home....

All in all, Macfarlane gets an A- from me. Friendly staff, a great family vibe in the band and a GREAT costume that has presence on the road. If you want a traditional experience, without the unnecessary extras, a costume that you can actually PORTRAY and a full day's worth of playing mas then Macfarlane is for you!




ok i will prob get boofed for this, but i would really like to know why it is Mc Farlane made a bold face statement that he was ready at 6am to leave and his band never made it to the savanah til 8:30pm?? if this reviewer saying they departed at a late 10am?? if you band has not pulled off by 7:30 or 8am at a push expect to meet roadblocks lol, but then again he stamped his feet and nearly got his way with the pee pee trucks! im sure he will get his way threatening to boycott the stage until changes are made ohhhhh booo hooooo! as much as his presentation was better than i expected when i saw it on the streets in full glory, i think he needs a reality check, and realise Trinidad Carnival is not just about what he wants! kmt

shells said...

Wait, wait, wait...Mc Farlane never left his camp till 10am on Carnival Tuesday and still expected to have a clear road and get to d Savannah any ol' time he wanted to?! He feel it have no other bands on d road or what?!!!

I am not a fan of Mc Farlane, his idea of mas and mine don't mesh. I do respect his talent. But he really needs to grasp that his style of mas portrayal is not what everyone wants or likes, stop complaining dat mas dying. If things remained as they were back in 199? whenever then people would complain 'cause there would have been no evolution.

'Change is the only constant'

My $0.02

Carnivalcocoa said...

Finally a MacFarlane review. Thanks. Now that service described in the review was some real customer service. Well done.
As for Brian's hissy fit, well a divo will always be a divo. Maybe his Savannah rant might be something we can all benefit from. I'm hoping.

Empath said...

I agree with Carnivalcocoa, a DIVO will always be a Divo...I dont know what the delay was on Tuesday, but I will attest that they were not leaving until everything was in order.

But on a real, the wait was ridiculous...even if you left late as a band...the delay was insane.

I think the problem lay in that there are MORE bands on the road (many small bands) added to the lengthy presentations by the large ones.

I personally think his protest will be a good thing and may force the govt to bring back de savannah.

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