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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

First Look at Fancy Clown


Finished Product

Burlap For Monday Wear, 
Bag and Drinks Chits


Springmoon said...

That looks spectacular, but you know those masqueraders are going to steam in that costume!

Nev said...

Chits?????????? WTA!!!!

saf said...

I really like how this came out. Macfarlane really bringing back the mas!

Acacia-Victory said...

i good w/o MAS oui! I would steam liek veggies in THAT! WHAAAAYYYY!!

dougla_1 said...

What ah clong! (ah mean dat in ah nice way) :)

Empath said...

This costume looks AMAZING but omg!!!! HE IS GOING TO MELT!!!!

Empath said...

To NEV above if its anything like last year, the chits are for the heineken while juice, coke and water is infinite.

carnivalkris said...

c'mon guys. i am SURE that costume is made from breatheable material. macfarlene up to the time yuh know

Springmoon said...

@carnivalkris: even if it is made of breathable material, it's still going to be hot! Especially with elastic at the neck, ankles, and wrists, plus a plastic mask over the head and a hat?? It's going to be steaming hot in that thing.

maria said...

Th fancy clown idea demonstrated in this post is very fascinating.....are these outfit comes under designer tag.
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