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Sunday, February 21, 2010

TRIBE 2010 Review (3)

First time playing mass... first time in Tribe!!!

HI Saucy... From the day after Tribe's launch in July I was DAILY viewer of your blog so I decided to share my first experience with you..

Silk of Rajasthan.... LOVED IT..

After arriving at the Hilton around 9 am ( I requested an early check in) and being told that my room would not be ready until 3pm...I passed some time at the Rituals in the Hotel lobby until it was about 10am. According to Tribe's booklet that was inside of my costume box, that I read cover to cover MANY times, it stated that the band's "Parade Time" on Monday was at 10:30am.

Consumed by anxiousness I left the Hilton around 10:15 and made way by foot down to Stanmore Avenue. I got there around 11:00am..(stopped to talk to friends along the way)
when I got there I was supprised to see that the band was still stationed at Stanmore ave. now being the amateur that i am, i told my friend with me which was her first time in Tribe as well that "I am pretty sure we'll leave in a few" and so we did...
As the trucks moved...a smile from ear to ear appeared on my face.. this was It... it was the start of my very first Carnival Xperience...

Chippin 1,2,3 and Stop 4,5,6,7,8... chippin 1,2,3... and so on.... I was a little perturbed by the lengths of the stopping in between.. however it gave me time to look through the band to spot anybody I knew.. because it was just the two of us... also I didnt know how long the stopping was suppose to take but eventually I realised it wasnt suppose to be THAT long..

Paid no mind to it.. we made our way onto Charlotte Street... I ran into a few relatives and was having a blast... my girl and I soaked up every moment...we palanced, we chipped, we screwed the light bulb and we had a time...but all this action and we were in the same spot!!! (infront of the hospital)....

A little while after, things started to move.. then announcement came on to move to the right of the truck.. and with much compliance my "group" and I moved... RIght.. it was time to cross the "STAGE"

"People are you readdy, we Palancing in this Parrtyy!!!" I started jumping from the time i heard that... 1,2,3,4-- and they let us go... jump jump.. wine wine.. every piece of energy I had in me came out with the wine/s, jump/s and side to side palance I did... we crossed and I said to my girl.. this is the best feeling ever!! and its only Monday!!!
then I looked @ my watch!!!!

It was AFTER 2pm!!!!!- we both had our body paint appointment @ Murray Strt. for 3pm so we made a decision go leave the band, head to Hilton check on the room and head down for the paint and the join the band after... walked back up to Hilton to be told that the rooms were being cleaned and there is a 1 hr. wait... hungry and already tired we went down to the restaurant for lunch... we had the "dreggz" of the buffet and got a call by the time we were finished that the room was ready..

Now. rushing ....we got ready and made way to murray street.. arrived ontime, got the paint done and then to our DISMAY the guys tells us.. I hope you all not playing for the rest of the afternoon or else the paint will run off because it needs to set... we complied and went back to the Hotel and had a little R& R for the rest of the afternoon.

Before going to bed i set the alarm for 5am and said to myself....TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!!...

Beeep , beep @ 5am--- hit the snooze button- didnt get up till 6:30....

although the booklet said tuesday's parade time was at 7:30 my girl and I realsied they meant 1hr - 1hr 1/2 later!!!So we got up got ready and got some b-fast at the restaurant.... we went back to the room to put on the costumes.. heading out from the room to the car park, we saw masqueraders in their BEAUTIFUL costumes heading down to the Savannah.. the excitement built up in me..

We got down to Tragarete rd. around 8:30 am...the band was still there..we quickly looked for our section, which was apparently non existent. the sign lady was there with a few persons behind her.. we went to the front of the band and met up with a couple of friends who said they were standing on the side but @ the front to see everyone and when Silk of Raj. came on they would join.... so we stayed with them for the VERY LONNNGGG period of time until our section came up.. we quickly joined in and chipped along park street.. however the wait on Charlotte street just like Monday was the WORST!!!!

I mean this was my first yr of playing mas but I just wanted to tell ppl.. "get in yuh damn section!! so they can stop wasting time organizing ppl in we can cross!!!" Finally it was time.. but i was thirsty as hell because the drinks truck left us and turned onto Keate Street.. and well the wait from keate street till the judging point was about 45 mins.. so I went to a vender to buy a bottle of water... $20.00 for a bottle of water!!! Yes.. $20 for a DASANI!!!

I was a bit hesitant to pay that price but then the announcement "Get ready Silk of raj. its your time!!!" came on, so I dashed the money at the lady without question and found myself behind the sign lady... as soon as the guards released their hands... all my previous complaints as listed above DISAPPEARED!!! It was the Best feeling of freedom I have ever had !!! The side to side palance and the onlookers cheering.. it was FANTASTIC...

After passing the judging point at the Savannah my cousin came up to me and said stop walking so slow.. we need to get to the park to catch a check my girl and I speeding toward the park with my few relatives and friend in tow ready to get a blanket.. lo and behold!!! NONE AVAILABLE..

With no energy to get angry, we found a spot at the northern side of the park and had the DELICIOUS lunch with gr8 dessert.. however every other bite had a crunch with the amount of dust flying round.. but that was ok. We had food from the international booth. whoever catered... NICE :)

Ok so my belly was filled and ethnic fatigue started kicking in... I saw a girl with a cardboard box and begged her for 1/2.. once I had the piece of box, my girl and I took a 45 mins sleep ......Then music to my ears.. OK Tribe lets go... "leh we go down the road, go down the road.. Carnival in the air..."- Patrice Roberts..a faint cheer spread throughout the park and ppl started getting up.. I got up washed my face and shook the few specs of grass off of me and I was READY!!!!

We made way though St. Clair, Tragarete rd.. and then Ariapita Ave.The wait on the ave was the worst but that gave me time to GET ON BADD!!!I said to myself.. its the end of the day.. and all I had was the time remaining, its time to use this stopping to my advantage.. I chipped to the top of the band, made way back down to the end and back up to the top!!! It was fantastic.!!!

The security really showed their purpose when it started to get dark as stormers saw an opportunity to get into the band.. however access was QUICKLY denied!!! As we crossed the judging point by Adam Smith Sq. i realised that this was the end of Carnival.. I soaked up everymonent with my friends and relatives.. and made way back to Stanmore!!!

Despite all my complaints about the stopping and everything about Tribe.. I WILL play with them next year again!!! The security was Xcellent as well as the music and the overall VIBE of the band..

Thank you Tribe for Making this Carnival Virgin's first time experience a tremendous one!!!


Limin' Ladies Ambassador said...

This truly is the BEST review I have ever read! I was so there with you at every turn, I was literally breathless, I felt your dismay, and most of all your JOY and EXCITEMENT!

I do so enjoy to hear/read when a Carnival Virgin has a better than expected time!

shells said...

Nice review. glad that you enjoyed your first ever experience playing mas and even happier that you'll be back in 2011

Empress said...

I really enjoyed reading this review. Sounds like you and your girl had a ball.

Carnivalcocoa said...

Glad you were nicely broken in to the carnival ;)

dougla_1 said...

Sweet review. Now, that's what we talking about, playing MAS, and enjoying the Trini joi de vivre :)
You had a time!

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