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Sunday, February 21, 2010

TRIBE Feedback

Each year post Carnival I always do my "Dear TRIBE" letter, as I did last year, pointing out areas that as a masquerader I think could be improved for the overall benefit of everyone. Since my critique will be the same as in 2009... TLC registration needs to be revamped, size of the band is overwhelmingly too big, more toilets needed at the lunch stop I will not rehash those points. Suffice to say that many of those concerns were not addressed for 2010, hopefully they will be for 2011.My letter today has to do with the attitude of the section leaders who cannot take criticism over their designs, the ones who found their way on the blog to personally attack me because of my personal opinion concerning their costumes.

Dear TRIBE, I have been your biggest supporter from day 1, I have always defended the band and my decisions for choosing to play with TRIBE so much so that I have been labeled as biased. My credibility has been attacked by accusations of being paid by TRIBE to write this blog as well as that I only give TRIBE  favorable reviews because I get a free costume with the band. As we both know this is not true and the year 2010 has seen me, your biggest  supporter, become enemy # 1 in the TRIBE camp.

In spite of all that I still played in the band this year, as you can see I rise above that pettiness because as a paying masquerader I  do not put the fact that I write this blog ahead of myself to get any leverage; see how cooly I accepted the fact that my section was last this year? I expect the same considerations that are given to all masqueraders  who spend their hard earned cash on a costume and I will choose to support whichever band I see fit until I am turned away, victimized or  discriminated against for the fact that write this blog.. .and, well that will be a whole other topic!

The gag order you put on me and this blog is fruitless as you can see, the fact is TRIBE news is BIG news and you get enormous publicity every time I write something about the band. Case in point is the huge boost in  popularity Spice received by the controversy surrounding their numbers that was hotly debated on this blog; the truth is there is nothing like bad publicity. So for 2011 you need to ease up on hounding staff members unfairly and incorrectly accusing them of giving me information. There is nothing you can do in stopping information getting to me because it always does from all over; people just LOVE to talk and they just LOVE to talk to me! Relax, roll with it and enjoy the fact that your band is getting talked about constantly and you band will have even more demand for 2011, don't you think?

As for certain designers in the TRIBE camp getting upset over my costume review for 2010, as designers they really need to grow up!  I am just ONE person with a point of view, surely that point of view did NOT cause the band to lose masqueraders because the band sold out anyway. I do not have any personal agenda against or dislike for anyone, as they seem to think. Being a masquerader for so many years, I know what costumes I like from what I do not like, that may not necessarily be  the same as someone else but alas those other people just do not happen to have a blog to express their opinions. Not to mention the older I have become the more discerning  are my tastes in costumes.

I have never flinched when costume prices increased year after year, I have always justified paying the price for the costume I want because I have a holistic approach to what the value of the costume means to me. However I think for the price of costumes in 2010 the actual product was not up to standard; I mean really who sat down and approved some of those costumes in a costume critique is beyond me. Some of the designs looked unfinished and like and afterthought and was no way in line with the standard set in years before. I was happy to see ,though ,that post band launch some costumes were giving a sprucing up so that tends to make me feel that some designs were indeed rushed.

So, as stated many times before good designs get great reviews, bad designs will get the reviews that they are due regardless of the fact that the band is TRIBE. One would hope that honesty is appreciated more than ass kissing, which I never do for the record, and that the critique would only help to position the band as being a leader in not only good service but also good costume design seeing as the actual product of the "ultimate all inclusive experience" was not so ultimate for 2010. The saving grace for me this year was that I absolutely loved my costume and that I had a great time on Monday. I know certain things were beyond the band's control on Tuesday however the size of the band is certainly a factor to be considered for 2011. Ideally I would hope the band actually DOES split in two, that would make things very interesting indeed!

I am liking the theme for 2011, hopefully we do get stellar costumes and not so many bruised egos giving me ( little old me!) the "stink eye". Good luck and looking forward to the start of band launching season "Warriors".


Kimberly said...

2 Tribes same costumes. On registerin select your desired route. Savannah or down town.diff tribes diff wrist bans.
Non alcoholhic/premium option. diff colour bans
This year the lower quality wristban was a concern as a lot of ppl's tribe logo was gone by monday
Overall I had a blast!!!
Doubt they take us on but long live err..Tribe

Empress said...

Not a regular masquerader or a fan of any particular band. I will play with the large band whose costumes I happen to fall in love with. That said this year I played in Spice and even though this particular blog note was not about the band I found it interesting that you gave yourself credit for making Spice numbers jump this year. Interesting to note that I have many friends who played in Tribe this year. Some of whom were very concerned about my choice to play with Spice, especially cause of the newness and numbers. However, when I asked Spice masqueraders on the road their reasons for playing in the band not one of them mentioned your blog. A lot of them were repeat masqueraders who had a blast 2009 and encouraged friends and family to play and others were like me. We wanted something different, new and costumes that we would have loved to play with. I can possibly see how from reading your blog Tribe's popularity grows but I would take away your credit for getting Spice their numbers

prince namor said...

but a a. Sauce, surely she not saying dat you cyar take credit for thing now? Surely! She eh know you make carnival the most righteous thing out there. You responsible for Farlane success too! If it wasn't for you Ronnie and Caro would have never won band of the year. And you also was responsible for Obama being in the white house and Mandela being freed. I just saying, eh. I ask all my friends and they tell me dat. and they tell they family too. I just saying, eh.


prince namor said...

and it is hard to believe that you went in spice to ask them... "ammm...excuse me....y u playing in spice....? Oh ho, ok thanks" **scribbles in note pad in brain...right, now lemmee go ask another one. I eh hear no blog mention yet. WHOOO HOOO... Spice is d flick for survey!! Carnival is d flick to ask chupid question... WHOO HOO**


RWB said...

Gosh some of the comments on this blog really make me question the sanity of the people behind them!

Anyway, I've been hoping for that "split into 2" since carnival 2008! That will surely alleviate not ony the problem of numbers within the band, but also allow more people to register.

Not to mention it could giving more designers an oppurtunity as well.

I really enjoyed reading this letter but do have one question, do the designs get presented to a focus group for feedback at all before they are given the total go ahead? Or do a few people just pat each other on the bat and say "yes, chopsticks and black tassles on a pink and silver backdrop is great!".

Ria said...

Empress like you taking the whole no such thing as bad publicity out of context. I did not read Saucy was responsible for selling out Spice at all. To me is more like that even when people have negative things to say they still talking about your band, talk translate to popularity that translates to sales . If no one knows about your band how can they find it? And you cannot deny that as a foreigner the first anyone heard of new bands, including Spice comes from the blog in most cases. The first we see of costumes comes from the blog. If Spice had only word of mouth and their website to depend on I don’t think they would have seen numbers grow by 300% in one year. Plenty of my family in Trinidad did not know about half the things I tell them about that I read right here, you would be surprised to know how much more info I have from reading this blog than depending on them to tell me what is going on in Trinidad.

CityChick said...

Saucy I enjoy your blog and you made me look good on the road. But seriously, sometimes you go wayyyy too far. This blog actually made me NOT play with Spice (not you... carnivaljumbie) as I was concerned about numbers. I was stunned when I saw Spice rivalling Island People in numbers... it was a NICE size.

Also you did not coolly accept the back :) Fair is fair. Up to this day I cannot see how it matters as the bands pass a route and everyone will be seeing the entire band not the front. I was is Island People and I was in truck 7 which I loved..and occasionally went up to truck 5. Expecting to be up front all the time is a tad unreasonable.

But other than that, love the blog, love the review. And yep, free speech is a right so tell them section leaders in Tribe haul dey scrutch!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

City Chick I think you meant Mas Jumbie not Carnivaljumbie; that was the blogger making allegations about Spice's numbers. If that is what affected your decision not to play with Spice well I do not know what to say, your choice.

And of course I COOLY accepted the fact that I was in the back.. did I sell my costume as I did in Fireman, 2007? Did I rant and rave like 2009? No I did not ... go back and read my post about the line up. I am POSITIVE you would see I said I was amused AND going to play where ever my section was then do my review come Ash Wednesday.

And while I certainly was NOT expecting Mystery of Loulan to be in the top 3 or even the top 5, seeing as it was a contentious issue having been chosen by me as the best section in TRIBE this year (among other drama that ensued from that statement) I am throughly amused that #13 is where Loulan ended up;dead last! And, ironically, the section that was my least favorite ends up as #2! Too many EGOS are involved in this process, I tell you, including mine! I enjoyed being section # 5 last year (after a two year stint in position #!1) whatever happens in 2010 my review that follows on Ash Wednesday will definitely report on how I feel about the section placing.

Like I said, section leaders were bitching about where their section was in the line up. Are you saying that as a masquerader I cannot have an opinion about that either?I don't care who doesn't care about where THEIR section is, in a massive band like TRIBE it is important to me. I am human, I am NOT supposed to be the politically correct step on nobody's toes writer of a blog about anyone's experience BUT mine.. sorry if that is going wayyyyy tooooo farrrrr.

AYO said...

I think your blog is great, but I have to question your statement ' I certainly was NOT expecting Mystery of Loulan to be in the top 3 or even the top 5, seeing as it was a contentious issue having been chosen by me as the best section in TRIBE this year'

is this to be taken to mean that as YOU chose it as the best section, it was put last????? Your opinion on a costume determines tribe's section lineup??? Good grief everything I hear about this band just makes me laugh. Although EVERYONE I know plays with them, after all the bad reviews, I have no idea why so many people have this absurd loyalty? Is it some kind of sadomachoism?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Read the comments under that post Ayo:

More in the mortar than the pestle is all I have to say!

atlhottie said...

I hardly ever post on here but I must add my two cents...Ria I totally agree with everything you said....I have read this blog for some time now and the things I've learnt, the info I've gotten has been priceless...and most of the time I am more in the loop than people who live in trinidad (I live abroad) and I have told people to follow this blog for more good, solid info.

Do I accept Saucy's word as Golden?? Hell no!!! I loved Zari and Xi Ling Shi when I first saw them, Saucy and some other people didn't really like them, did that change my opinion from liking them? Hell no!!

Basically, this blog represents a forum for people to come and discuss their experiences and perhaps help give insight to other people who want to get the best carnival experience they can get. Which by the way is what this Blog is all about. If y'all don't see that then I don't know what to say..LOL!

I learnt more about Spice here than on Spice's website (this was the same for ALL the bands).. I learnt more here about which designers take a more hands on approach to dealing with the masqueraders in their sections..I've learnt tips and tricks to preserving my costume, getting my make up done, etc.

I don't agree with EVERYTHING that Saucy says because what she says is HER OPINION, and we all have OUR OWN OPINIONS...point blank period. But I do like getting the feedback from the average person about their experience so I can make MY experience better.

I also believe, no scratch that, I KNOW that bandleaders and designers read this blog because you can tell when something changes e.g. an attitude, a better product, etc.

So Saucy keep doing your thing..let your haters be your motivators!! LOLOL

Empress said...

prince how you taking this so personal boy like i cuss yuh or what? ok lemme cahnge my tone. next year i using my TLC...wait scratch that next year i preregistering in Tribe cause they seem to be on point for everything. and I plan to read Saucy blog everyday for all the updates cause clearing i missing out by relying on facebook and personal opnion not found on carnival blogs.I guess I should not ask masqueraders for their personal experience yes.

Thanks for setting this straight for me.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

ria & althottie kudos for seeing the tongue in cheek humour. Apparently I inspire such ire among my detractors that they pick apart every word I say while arguing that it isn't the Gospel Truth and who gave me such power.. ahmm.. you did, by instigating that I DO have that much power.. :) Like I said "little old me".

PN didn't take his meds, as usual, it is best to leave him be!

Carnivalcocoa said...

People truly need to lighten up. It's not like Saucy insulted you all's mother. Jah son!
Saucy keep doing your thing eh.
Take this blog as informal carnival news and tidbits and keep it pushing.
At the end of the day grown folks should have a mind of their and go with what they like and want.

Krissiegirl said...

lol....this whole thing is funny...some people like they so stupid they dont understand simple english....

My oh my...Saucy girl....hats off to you! You do your thing girl :)

Salsaman said...

Citichick Ayo and Empress. Read the disclaimer at the top of the page...

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to influence anyone to play with any one Carnival band over the other. Even though I may be privy to information from many sources this does not influence my views and opinions;the views expressed are solely mine.This is a place to come and get a little carnival info (how ah buy it is how ah selling it), look at some costume pics, "listen" to me talk about mas and occasionally vent or speak my mind.Use with caution!

Tricia said...

The costumes in Tribe were absolutely beautiful, so I decided that I would register for my sis, her bf (both overseas residents) and myself in Osage. Needless to say, that it was thru a "so called contact" since Tribe is virtually sold out even before registration starts. This down payment was paid in August.To make a long story short my sis was never registered, we sold the two costumes that were confirmed and switched to another band and only in Feb was I refunded the monies for my sis costume by the "so called contact". So TRIBE please be advised of the PRETENDERS that are taking hard working ppl monies under false pretense in your NAME.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Tricia see for the disclaimer concerning people collecting money on TRIBE's behalf/

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