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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean!

So, another website claiming to manufacture Carnival costumes but using STOLEN photos from this blog; Treasures of the Caribbean.. more like Pirates of the Caribbean!

Spice Sea Salt costume was made in Trinidad (saw them doing it with my own eyes) as well as the "model" is a blogger who sent in costume photos when she collected her costume last year! I cannot however vouch for the other costumes alleged to have been made by this website.

Check out the claims of Treasures of the Caribbean claims: is a costume design and production house. We Design and Manufacture the best quality of handmade Sequin and Beads Costumes. We produce over thousand costumes for the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival as well as for Carnivals around the world. We also designs and produces costumes for International shows, pageants etc. From simple designs to more elaborate costumes, We produce cutting edge designs and top quality costumes. is responsible for designing all aspects of the costumes and is backed by a qualified team of artists.

Thank you

Dress-n-Dance Team


afro chic said...

They tief Rene body!!!! Thei tief the Pheasant photos from the blog too!!!


afro chic said...

On a serious note though I think you could tell what they made from what they didn't. There are some real cheap tacky looking costumes in between there.

A lot confused said...

Saucy, you need to start watermarking all your photos!!!!!
Sorry that its come to this but this is ridiculous.


i jus find it funny! cos i knew some of the pics from your blog sauce!
but then again they may have recognised the costume/s and used ur pics as a ref, maybe someone should contact them and ask if they did them........

afro chic said...

So they made stuff and doh have pics of their own stuff so they "borrowed" them from Saucy's blog? How lovely.

And some of those pics like the Zari belt on the tile, the Pheasant in the mascamp...steups.

Island Soul said...

And how about all the Pulse 8 2k9 pics that were taken hanging on the wall at the mas camp?? Bold!!!

Carnivalcocoa said...

Wow, they even stole the homepage pic from Toronto Caribana. What balls!
Everything about this company is WRONG, down to their grammar and all: "We also designs and produces costumes...."
Talk about horrendous subject/verb agreement.
Big steups.

mimi said...

nnothing on that site is stuff they made, someof those things are photos of other bras ppl on belly dancing and sewing/craft communities shared....i do not believe any bras on that website have been made by them

Яїçħїε's §pōίłčћĭļέ said...

they should focus on gettin a proof reader for their site because the "english" used is very poor jus like their conduct!
blatant boldfaceness yes

shells said...

I really, really, really hope that this is a hoax site eh. 'Cause dat whole ting is just awful...starting from the poor grammar (I can hear Ms. Howard my English teacher lecturing me whilst I read that drivel!), to the ridiculousness that they're trying to pawn off as designs, AND then I saw the 'stolen' pics.

What d A$$?!!!


are you guys serious??? I mean even if it is a teafin site, the grammar is not that bad considering they are prob Chinese, if you have spoken to Chinese suppliers then you would realise English is not their first language..........

SD said...

the grammar isn't bothering me because I know many "english speakers" that still haven't grasped it lol.
my issue is the blatant use of pics stolen from other ppl and other sites! i mean if ur company is capable of making costumes LIKE the given photo samples is one thing but to claim to have made them all but yet you don't own any pics of them prior to being distributed where ever and had to use other ppl's pics just like that is just dotish and if my hand cud reach tht far i would hit them one serious tap!!!!


Well SD,
on that note i was at a supplier in New York and was shown a lot of samples of costumes, including Loulan and Osage in different stages and also prototypes that were not used, I was told by the guy his company produced them 2 sections, and also Chamuse sorry about the spelling but I was later told be Saucy he didn't produce Loulan?? so im all a bit confused esp as he had the samples and pictures of the initial prototypes on his pc (and these were not pics stolen from anywhere)

Shiny said...

Thanks Bachanalmas for understanding...
and I am sorry to all for my english as this is not my first langauge.
I belong this website and maybe because of my poor english I can't explain properly about these pics on website. these costumes were made in trinidad in a particular mas camp and the reason to show them on my website is to mention that I can make similar designs and styles so when people see them they can understand what kind of work we can do. If you can see it is clearly mentioned on my site "Please visit Photo Gallery for all below products. We can make similar products as shown on the pictures."
I can remove them from the site if there is any problem. I am a regular visitor of this great blog I want to make friends and want to help to carnival lovers by providing them low cost costumes which is possible in China. anyway I again sorry for my english and if anybody hearts.

Shiny Minh

JJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JJ said...

Saucy asked me to share the email she sent to Shiny Minh as her wireless services are down for the moment.

Dear Shiny:

Thank you for your email.

In the future, if you would like to use my photos please send me an email as I did not give you permission to use anything copyrighted on my blog on your website.

In addition, under your "about us" section of your website, it suggests that the costumes that visitors see on your page were made by your company when clearly they were not.

It is misleading. If you want to give examples of your work, why not use your OWN photographs?



[and I (JJ) am going to add my own editorial in here and say, "YES, please take down those pics!"]

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