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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ScotiabankCaribana Rules and Regulations

As the TRIBE Toronto debate rages on, here are the official rules and regulations that govern the Scotiabank Caribana Parade of the Band, King and Queen Competition as well as Junior Carnival parade. In addition I also included the TMBA constitution.

Parade of the Band Rules 2009

King and Queen Rules 2009

Junior Carnival Rules and Regulations 2009

TMBA Constitution


carnival babay said...

My popcorn is done saucy....

I read through most of this and there is No Where here in these rules or regs that TMBA has pointed out in their original letter to TRIBE that Mr. De Freitas has broken, looks like he actually followed all the processess etc. This is nothing but Slander/Libel against this poor boy/man. I think he should take that letter they wrote and sue them for those exact statements they have stated in that letter.

Why so much bachannal? At least the truth has come out now I'm patiently awaiting the responses of TRIBE/TRIBE TO/Mr. De Freitas.

Saucy, Have you read them yet? Whats your opinion?

A lot confused said...

Ok so I read the Parade of the Band Rules and the TMBA constitution - yes I have not done a lick of work all morning OK- lol.
What exactly has Tribe Tdot done wrong, according to the regulations?
I am closely following this drama because I missed TNT carnival this year but was appeased because well Tribe in the TDOT - finally I can jump for Caribana! Best laid plans of mice and men nah.
Tribe seems too be the victim of bullying and intimidation and here in Canada those are serious claims- people can lose their wuk and place on committee for that.
My advice to Mr deFreitas - boy take your balls in your hand and fight them to the last-someone has to take a stand.

carnival babay said...

As I thought Saucy, none of the other "so called" bloggers arguing against TRIBE Toronto say anything about these rules n regs...and if they do...then ask them to refer to the rules n regs n the constitution again....hmmmmm...

Just some food for thought..

Salsaman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Salsaman said...

The very first objective

The promotion of Caribbean Art and Culture in Ontario, and Canada generally, within a
Canadian context.

Last I heard Tribe is a Trinidad band.

Anyway its all well and good that we entertain ourselves on the blog with some bacchanal but unless anyone commenting have influence
with the TMBA, the main private sponsor Scotia Bank (Canada not Trinidad) or the Canadian Government, Tribe-Toronto is a nonstarter for 2k10 at least, whether you agree or not.
The worst thing Tribe could do is try to force the issue and alienate the rest of the TMBA even further.

Lisa said...

@ Salsaman…thank you! Do people think that a mas band from Brazil can compete or have any connections with a mas band in T&T and be allowed to take part in T&T Carnival? I can only imagine the bacchanal that would ensue if an announcement like that was made! Trinis band leaders would be mad as hell! And rightly so.
Toronto Caribana is run differently from T&T Carnival but the same rules would apply. Even more so because there are government funds involved. Why would the Canadian government give Canadian tax-payer money to a foreign mas band to compete in a Canadian festival? It just doesn’t make sense.

@ Saucy...thank you for posting the rules and regs. I for one believe in having written documentation in order to reference back to. I wish there was a way to find copies of the various documents that the FMC had to sign in order to receive the 3 levels of government funding for the festival. I think maybe once that was posted and there was something that clearly spells out that Ontario government money is to be used for Canadian entities only (although to me that’s a no-brainer), it would help put this whole thing to rest. I also wish that excerpts from the letter that Louis mentions in the meeting minutes, the letter that allegedly came from Festival Management Committee Chief Admin. Officer, Edison Doyle, can be published, “LS detailed a letter from Eddison Doyle indicating that the FMC distributes monies for ‘local operations’ only”

Or if nothing else, someone from the Ontario government or FMC should make a statement and just end the ol’ talk.

With regards to the major issue at hand, whether or not Tribe Toronto and Tribe TT are affiliated, I found a few posts from another blog from back in January of this year. The first post is a press release that was sent out in January 2010 announcing that the mas band Tribe from Trinidad “was announcing its grand entrance into the festivities for Caribana 2010.” Andre De Freitas was also named as part of the management team. The press release basically states that Tribe Trinidad is bringing the mas band from Trinidad to Toronto and using ADF as a means by which to do so.

Another entry on the blog dating back to January 2010 has Tribe Toronto claiming on their Facebook page that they will be in position #8 for the parade in 2010. Not sure how they decided on that because the positions for parade of the bands isn’t usually drawn until April or May of that year.

And I pulled this directly off of Tribe Toronto’s Facebook page dated January 12, 2010.


And as Salsaman said, unless someone has major pull with the people who dish out the money, (and regardless of what other bloggers may think...that’s not me!), Tribe Toronto’s fate has been sealed until further notice.

I believe in a fair trial and I believe that you go by the rules, whatever they may be, and that the rules should be posted for all to read. So seeing something in writing would go a long way for me. However, as an Ontario tax-payer, I would oppose the use of my money to sponsor a foreign mas band in Toronto Caribana when there are local band leaders who need the money more.

I have no allegiance to any particular band be it in TT or Toronto. It’s hilarious for me to see people so up in arms because Tribe TT can’t come to Toronto. Big deal. If you want to play with Tribe so badly, play with them in T&T...

Empress said...

Unfortunately, I have to read these rules and constitution when I have more time on the weekend. But from what I gather there is no indication of rules governing who can take part in the Caribana parade. I still would argue that what needs to be shown is not parade rules but the stipulations governing funding which I don't think these references would be able to address.

I would gladly jump on Mr ADF's defense if in fact the TMBA was in the wrong. However, as another blogger stated in a previous post, why lie about the affiliation with Tribe TT if it were not an issue. ADF has been in the TMBA for some years. I am pretty sure he is well aware of the rules and regs. then why did he just not say yes Tribe TO is affiliated with Tribe TT?

I guess as more information comes out we shall see whether or not I will be biting my words.

JJ said...

Lisa said:

"Why would the Canadian government give Canadian tax-payer money to a foreign mas band to compete in a Canadian festival? It just doesn’t make sense."

Well, I have to reply to you on this one. Many many governments go out of their way to court multinational and international entities to come to their jurisdiction and invest their time, money and efforts if they feel it will encourage increased tourism, interest, jobs and/or development to their city/state/province/country. As I stated in a comment to a prior post, I used to work for a city that brings in millions of dollars in tourism annually and it never EVER turns its back on an opportunity to make more, if it fits within the guidelines and limitations of the rules as has been aptly pointed out. I admittedly did not go through the rules but from what previous folks have posted there does not appear to be a strict rule requiring bands to be 100% Canadian and not affiliated with a foreign entity.

Any support (not a "handout") in the form of a subsidy, tax relief, bonds, and other incentives will be well worth it and would be actualized in the increased tax base and subsequent revenue for the government. The return on the investment is well worth it. Trust me on this one.

That being said, as I also said in a previous post comment, I think it would be in the best interest of the city of Toronto and the TMBA to include any band that could bring a renewed interest and participation in the parade.

This, my friend, is what they call "cutting off your nose to spite your face." Imagine all of the potential increased revenues and subsequent increased tax base from additional tourism, travel and spending in the city by those who may not can't afford to or have time to travel to Trinidad. Given the popularity of TRIBE and the following it has, the TMBA and the city stands to benefit from including this band. You can never underestimate the potential and any good business or organization interested in increased exposure of their culture would recognize a wonderful opportunity when it sees one and not play politics and use fear and intimidation tactics to keep out competition.

I'd have to get more information too about the grant conditions which aren't here. I still think there indeed are internal rules based on the grant perhaps that were interpreted in a manner to deny this band. I also still think if it really wanted to include TRIBE all parties could/should've gone about this differently.

Salsaman said...

Where exactly does Bribe..ahhhm Tribe trinidad fit within the Canadian context ?

From the few Canadians commenting I am not really seeing any major support for Tribe-Toronto.

If the Canadians are OK with it then cool but until then Tribe should stick to Trini mas and leave the canadians alone.

JJ said...


And certainly, this blog commenting board is THE barometer by which we should gauge support for TRIBE-Toronto. That is your position? That because more Canadians haven't found Saucy's Blog and made comments that there is no Canadian support?

I am really not getting the "bribe" comment either, brethren.
Help out a sister. I can be dense at times. LOL!

Salsaman said...


Won't comment on your dense statement but there is only one way Tribe-Toronto taking part in Caribana in 2k10 if you get my drift.

Salsaman said...

JJ, Please read the comments from a Toronto based blog.

link is on this blog as well.

You might be better informed after reading anons' comments.

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