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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bliss "Savage Beauty" The Saucy Review

Ten points let's go:

1. I must admit I have often thought that when it came to costume design Bliss got treated like TRIBE's step sister, an afterthought with costumes that just didn't make the cut for TRIBE. I was pleasantly surprised that costumes reflected theme (not all) and that generally they are pretty costumes with some that stood out more than others. Good job.

2.Having new designers to Bliss  Melissa James, Ruana Booker and Solange Shaw Gopaul certainly gave it a bit more variety as they added their own aesthetic.

3. Quita Correria has probably done her best work ever in TRIBE/Bliss.

4. I think headpiece of the year goes to Cobra (so far) as it is one of those costumes were you look at it and immediately get an idea of the theme.

5. Lion Fish, Cobra and Bengal Tiger are stand outs in relation to theme for me though I would have done away with the Isis Wings/Cape for Cobra frontline. The backline costumes are also, to me personally, very strong on their own, being very much still on theme with the animal print, beading and headpieces carrying through to the backline as well. 

6. Was the Luna Moth a last minute addition to appease those with butterfly jealousy?

7.I don't get the point of Punchy Punch having a section, especially one of the most popular sections Cobra.

8. I don't get the point of a VIP section in what is supposed to be the premium band.

9.Male words.

10. My top picks in Bliss would be Lion Fish, Cobra, Bengal Tiger and Agama Lizard.


Anonymous said...

because bliss has a stigma of being a band with no vibes, the punchy punch crew is a large network of tribe stalwarts who know how to have fun..bringing vibes to bliss

Anonymous said...

I thought Bliss did a really good job this year. I would even go as far as their costumes look much more appealing in color coordination and overall design than Tribe. Not to mention you know their portrayal. If you don't get the wings for the butterfly costumes (as they are sold separately) no one would know they were supposed to be butterflies. Tribe should've gone with catterpillar instead lol

Anonymous said...

I agree..

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