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Friday, August 01, 2008

TRIBE Prices

Costume Prices - Ladies Regular Costumes

African Love Bird - $3,100, large collar add $250, large headpiece add $500, skirt add $250

Bird of Paradise - $3,399, Collar add $400

Blue Tanager - $3,399, Wings add $250

Brazilian Macaw - $3,295

Caged Canary - $3,399

Flamingo - $3,250

Flight of the Ibis - $3,299

Golden Dove - $3,395

Green Honeycreeper $3,299, Large Headpiece Add $300

Humming Bird - $3,299, Option w/ Small Wings Add $300

Kiskadee - $3,475

Night Owl - $3,299

Pheasant - $3,480

Ruby Topaz - $3,299

Spangled Cotinga - $3,599

Wild Parrot - $3,299

click for large view

Down payment:
All regular costumes including males - $1050.00/ $175.00US
Frontline - 50% of the cost.


Silky said...

that isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be...Might actually be able to stay in the budget if I can get in the band :)

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Bizzie Chic said...

WOW,I am within my that means extra $$$ for fete tickets, oh yeah!!!!

Malicious Jade said...

I might have to agree with Only. I have exact money for my costume. But as a new comer to Tribe, I am concerned I may not be able to enter. I'll visit them tomorrow. See what I hear. Saucy.... again, thank you!


trinbajan in toronto said...

I'm glad to see that the prices are cheaper than Spice!! They might have to do some recalculations and bring out their prices again. I'm definitely going to play with Tribe (if I can get in).

trinbajan in toronto said...

But wait!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just went on Spice's website and I swear that they lowered their prices.

Carnival Diva said...


Tiffany Yelitza said...

good prices, almost the same as what I paid last year, which is good.

Better than I had expected.

mimi said...

um trinbajan in toronto, u dream that they change them

hotandgroovy said...

what? allyuh SC backline is $600USD!!! wtf?

jv said...

well with big headpieces I can see that I am goin 2 pay the same as last year not bad.... At least I didn't have a heart attack when I looked at the prices.

DeRedting said...

lol wait till you see SC frontline prices lol lol

Jean-Paul S. said...
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ms. hershey said...

this is FABULOUS, absolutely within my budget! I'm thrilled!! :)


Not bad at all. Now when is registration!TRIBE came hard with costumes, prices and then fell short with their website. Can someone over there please change the MYTHS & MAGIC theme?

manchesterasta said...
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Carnival Diva said...

well look how you gonna be flooded with

Lady said...

um trinbajan in toronto...I swiftly went over to Spice's website to see if their was a reduction in avail!
My goodness I could just imagine IP prices.....

Natasha said...

The price is fairly reasonable.
Registration is alot though TT$1,000.00 WOW!!!!!!!!!.
Anyway matters not, CARNIVAL 2K9 we ready to play mass with TRIBE

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